Ideas to refresh your home this summer

refresh your home

Are you looking for some ideas to refresh your home this summer and give it a holiday vibe? The summer months are a great time to inject some fun and flair into your home in time for the summer season and beyond. Whether you’re looking for something easy and temporary that just involves some decorating, or something a little more permanent and structural, we’ve teamed up with Global Windows to share some ideas to get your home feeling like that summer getaway, without the hassle of delayed or cancelled flights!

Add colour and playfulness

This summer is all about bold patterns and colours so think about ways you can inject colour and playfulness into your living space. You could:

  • Switch up your soft furnishings to include some vividly dyed fabrics and contrasting prints.
  • Update your tablewear to include some on-trend pastel pinks, daffodil yellow as well as light blues and greens.
  • Treat yourself to a fun new print to adorn your walls.
  • Create a feature wall, ceiling or wallpaper insert using peel and stick wallpaper – tropical, jungle and leafy wallpapers and big news right now.
  • If you’re feeling brave try the latest trend – painted floors – by bringing in some colourful stripes. Don’t forget the painter’s/masking tape to pull this one off!
  • Give your walls, trims or cabinetry a new lick of paint with cool blues, butter yellows, or for something simple, bright white.
  • Jump on the murals trend which is making a comeback – these work both indoors and outdoors.
refresh your home

Indoor-outdoor spaces

Summer is the perfect time to focus on creating indoor-outdoor spaces. Think home improvement ideas like outdoor kitchens, modern orangeries, outdoor fireplaces and sliding doors, as we all look to find ways of creating a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors in our homes.

In particular, orangery extensions are one of the biggest home improvement trends this summer. And it’s obvious to see why, because an orangery is the perfect addition to your home, adding more light and space in a luxurious way. Orangeries are considered more permanent extensions and typically feature a roof lantern which offers a contemporary appearance and enables maximum light to come through.

refresh your home

Summer is a great time to install an orangery, especially this summer as glorious weather conditions are set to continue, meaning you would still have plenty of time to enjoy the addition of an orangery, the stunning external views, the extra light and space and all the flexibility of use for hosting guests. We guarantee that your summers will be forever more elevated once you’ve added an orangery to your home!

You can get an in-person look at Global Window’s home improvements and visit their showroom by checking out Global’s 360° showroom.

Create a self-space

We are big on self-care here at MTRD, but what if you could create a self-space dedicated to your self-care? Well friends, that’s the current thinking. Self-spaces are a place designated for self-care rituals, where you can go and find solace and peace after a long crazy day or week for some calm, peace and comfort. Sounds ideal! While a self-space can be any room, an obvious choice for the creation of a self-space is a bathroom which brings me to my next point….

refresh your home

Bathroom remodelling

In my personal opinion, a bathroom remodel is a fairly quick and cheap win. But how you ask? I recently discovered an amazing bathroom remodelling hack – stick-on wall tiles – which we have currently been using to remodel our bathroom. These are quite simply game changing and are a short cut to an expensive and stylish bathroom at a fraction of the cost. Our bathroom has gone from looking totally grotty to light, stylish, seemingly bigger and more luxurious and spa-inspired in the space of a couple of weeks without much expense, disruption, chaos or hassle.

Create a She Shed

Move over Man Shed! This summer is all about the She Shed. The female equivalent of a Man Cave – a She Shed is a type of refuge where mums, wives, and basically any female alike can escape from the daily demands of life, whether from pestering kids, spouses, or work. You can either clear out and clean up your own backyard shed or use a kit to build a new one, and then fill it with plush homeware, antiques, a bar area, and anything else you want or desire to create the She Shed of your dreams. Just don’t forget the padlock!

We hope you enjoyed these ideas to refresh your home for summer. Which are idea are you tempted to try? Let us know in a comment below.


  1. We had our bathroom completely remodeled about a year ago and it’s so much better! It’s way too hot here in the summer to have indoor/outdoor spaces, but we use them in the spring and fall. I do like to have a lot of houseplants inside, though, to feel more like outdoors!

  2. I redecorated during lockdown and framed loads of prints. It is already starting to bore me and it is making me want a refresh, even just changing a few things makes a big difference.

  3. Ahh I’m loving all these ideas. Great tips…the home is definitely in need of a refresh. Thanks for sharing 😀

  4. i like the “Indoor-outdoor spaces” idea especially the outdoor kitchen – I need to suggest this to my mom! thank you for the tips.

  5. Even though I don’t have the provision to decorate a space, I certainly will someday like to do a lot of DIY, and decorate my space with colours. That’s a fun post you have there!

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