2022 trending inspiring wall mural ideas to update your kid’s room

Kids are our future. All parents want to offer the best to their children in every aspect, one important thing of which is their living environment. As we all know, a better living condition and growth environment are essential to their life – one important thing is to offer good interior design for your kids’ room. And the first and foremost thing you need to consider for kids’ room decoration is a wallpaper mural! Here we have some children’s room wall mural ideas and examples of wallpaper ideas for you. Take a look at them!

Forest & Animals

If your kids love forest animals, then we definitely recommend this wallpaper to you. Full of cute wild animals like fox, raccoon, giraffe having a wonderful party in the forest. This adorable, attractive painting is heart-melting and will be perfect for your child’s bedroom and playroom. Interesting rendering with a natural atmosphere and a refreshing wall decoration perfect for your kids.

World Map

If your child is at a stage where he or she wants to start exploring the world, then this world map with animals wallpaper will be really suitable to place in their room. The map draws the most representative animals in each country that will help your kids learn about the world in a really interesting, fun, and effective way.


If your little prince or princess loves dreamy look in their room, then you could use this repeated pattern of clouds print wallpaper mural. The soft pastel cloud motifs along with the stars lend a charming look to the overall design, which is heart-melting. These wall murals work perfectly with all styles of furniture and home decors.


Many kids love dinosaurs and hope they can have some dinosaur decorations in their room. No problem! We have this beautiful dinosaur wallpaper mural to fulfill their fantasy. This fun dinosaur park design features stylish trees, and hidden beneath them are some cute dinosaurs that your child will love and admire on their walls.

Space & Astronauts

If your kids, especially your baby boys like something cool, then you don’t want to miss this one. This creative space, rocket & astronaut wallpaper mural will be a perfect choice for you. Place it in your kid’s room and take them to an outer space adventure far from the Earth and motivate their imagination as they grow up.

Cute Pets

Many children love cats, dogs and rabbits. If your kids want these animals as a wallpaper mural in their room, then this one is for them! This adorable pets wall mural is painted with soft pastel colors like marshmallows which will be the perfect wall decoration for your child’s bedroom, nursery room and playroom. Get ready for the Awww moment when your kids see it in their room.

Sea Creatures

If your child likes to explore the ocean and sea creatures, then we think they probably will love this wallpaper. Full of cute, sea creatures like fish, whale, crab, starfish and coral. Interesting rendering with an adorable atmosphere and a refreshing wall decoration for kids and nursery room.


If your kids prefer landscape wallpaper, then we highly recommend this one. The soft pastel green field, pink mountain, and blue sky motifs give an earthy feeling to the look. The animated nature of the design gives it a whiff of freshness and allows you to play with the mural in a variety of spaces.


If you want some really eye-catching wallpaper, then we recommend you this hot air balloon wall mural. This cute mural features a cartoon hot air balloon carrying a cute dog in the sky. The stylish design resembles a textured cut-and-paste picture and the image of the great outdoors will allow a room to feel more spacious and breathable. 

Sun, Moon & Star

If your kids want something stylish and different, then we recommend you try this sun, moon and star wallpaper mural to give an exciting & contemporary look to your child’s room. Solar system wallpapers are perfect for the kid’s room, playgrounds, playschools, and all to inspire kid’s imaginations.

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