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Everyone has one. The small room which you wished was bigger. Unfortunately, most people live in a small home. It can feel poky and confining. However, just because you live in a tiny space does not mean that you have to feel cramped. So the question is, how do you make a small room feel bigger? There are many clever tricks to make a small room feel bigger. Here are creative ways to trick the eyes and make your small room feel spacious.


Clutter is the biggest enemy for small rooms. You have all these things that you no longer use, and they are still packed in your room. Even a bigger room that is full of clutter will always feel small. Get rid of anything you don’t use. You can resell, donate, or even recycle. Once you have sorted out and left with only what you need, get smart with storage by using shelves. De-clutter by organizing and making sure that everything has its place. If you are wondering how to get organized, you can add additional storage units such as folding shelves behind your doors, on walls and laundry room. A tidy room that is neatly organized appears larger. Check out these decluttering tips to help you on your way!

Maximize Natural Light

Another way to make your small room feel bigger is by using natural light.  Darkness makes space feel smaller. Allowing in natural light in your room opens up the inside and makes it appear larger. Use large windows so that more natural light can pour in your room. Use sheer window covers or gauzy curtains to allow more light to come in.

Incorporate Mirrors On The Walls

Well-spaced mirrors can do magic to your small room. They help in reflecting light around the room and create an illusion of more space.  It is advisable to place your mirror across the window. More light will be reflected in the room, and it will appear larger. Also, you can choose a pivotal point and position your mirror towards it. This generates a larger horizontal distance in your room. Use large mirrors to make your tiny space appear much more substantial. Mirrors will reflect natural light throughout the daytime and artificial light at night. Be extra creative and use cupboard doors with mirrors to make your small house feel larger.

Hang Your Curtains To The Maximum

To make your small room feel bigger, hang your curtains to the highest point near the ceiling and make sure they reach the floor. Anything that draws your eyes upward will make the room feel bigger. You can also hang wallpapers to the ceiling to draw the eyes up.

Use Light Colours On The Walls And The Floors

Dark colours absorb light instead of reflecting it. This will make your room feel smaller. Go for blighter coloured walls and flooring to make your room feel larger. Bright walls and ceilings make your room feel bigger, brighter, airy, and open. Bright walls are also more reflective. Select soft colours like white, blue, and green. Light-coloured flooring can also create an illusion of a larger space. If you can’t replace your dark wood floor, cover it with bright coloured rags and choose colours that will go with your wall paint.

small room feel bigger

Buy Furniture With Exposed Legs

If you choose the right furniture, your room can appear larger. To make your room feel bigger, don’t use skirt sofas and boxy chairs. Instead, buy furniture that has exposed legs. The exposed legs create an illusion of extra space.

Use Large Art Pieces

Hanging large art pieces on the wall give eyes more focus and makes the room feel bigger. A set of a gallery wall with small pictures will make your room feel crowded.

Add Stripes To Emphasize On Horizontal And Vertical

Both horizontal and vertical stripes can create an illusion of more space in your room. Vertical stripes elongate the room as they draw the eyes upwards while horizontal stripes make a tiny area appear wider. You can use wallpapers, bed linen and soft furnishings to create stripes of your required effect. Also, select ones that match the rest of your furniture.

Pull Furniture Away From The Wall

It is a common habit for most people to place their furniture against the wall. If your room is small, pull furniture away from the wall and put it in an angle that is surrounded by space. This creates an illusion of spaciousness and makes your room appear bigger.

Buy Multifunctional Furniture

 To utilize the small space in your house thoroughly, buy furniture that can serve a dual purpose. This includes a sofa with extra pull out storage spaces and an ottoman that can open up for additional space. Also, foldable furniture should be your favorite. This is because it can open up to create extra space.

Final Note

No matter how small your home feels, there are numerous ways to create more space and make it feel bigger. You only need a few adjustments here and there and boom, and your room will feel bigger. By applying these creative tricks, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your room well feel a lot less cramped!

Do you have a room which you wish was bigger? What do you think about these tips for making a small room feel bigger? Do leave a comment and share. You may also enjoy this post on ways to make space in your home.


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