15 + top tips for having a clutter free home (with a family!)

clutter free home

Ahhhh just look at that picture – it’s a sight for sore eyes, and essentially my holy grail. If I could have just one room that looked like this in our house I would die a happy mama. Yes, I don’t know about you but I feel like I am forever battling clutter and mess and trying to make space in our home. When it comes to having a clutter free home, I feel like this is something that I am absolutely terrible at – before I know it there our piles in every corner, and no surfaces viewable in sight. So I’ve called on the help of fellow parenting bloggers to share their tips and strategies for a clutter free home which I really need to take on right about now! If like me you’re forever trying to get a handle on the clutter, this one’s for you:

Donate the toys to charity

Once a month I ask my children to donate a toy to give to charity. By passing some on to a good cause it also helps make our storage challenges a little easier! – Real Mum Review  

Storage is key!

Have lots of storage boxes, bags and places to hide toys – this has helped us! – Katy Kicker 

Evaluate everything

I’ve been reading the Konmari books and now I’m trying to follow the ‘does it spark you joy’ process. If it doesn’t, it goes to the charity shop or bin. I’ve decluttered about half my house so far since Christmas and it feels amazing. I feel less stressed at home and much happier to spend time here. – Rock and Roll Pussy Cat 

Operate a one in one out policy

I’ve recently implemented a new rule in the war against clutter. For every new thing that comes in something else has to leave. We have two boxes now, one for donating on one for reselling which we action at the end of each month. – Adventures in Websterland  

Take it with you

The thing that makes the biggest different to the management of our day-to-day clutter is that I try not to leave a room without taking something with me that belongs somewhere else.- Sorry About the Mess  

Enforce a “no standing on” rule

We recently started using a new rule, if it gets stood on by my daughter that toy gets put away for the rest of the day. By mid afternoon my living room is nice and tidy! – Odd Socks and Lollipops 

Teach the kids to tidy

Teach your children to tidy up from a young age. My children know that when they’ve finished playing with one toy they put it away before getting out something else. – Five Little Doves  

Consider a playroom

It’s all about decluttering and being space savvy. We’ve just recently gone from believing we NEED to move, to actually not wanting to, and all due to clever storage and a new playroom. – Less Refined Mind  

Be organised

I have found that being organised is essential, and we love our IKEA storage units for that. Use the big draw boxes to store a range of toys such as Duplo in one, and the train set in another. Don’t mix them up. – The Pramshed  

Make it one minute

I’m currently trying to follow the 1 minute rule – if it takes under a minute to do, then do it now! It’s easier to stay on top of things as you go than do it later when it’s piled up. – Nomi Palony 

Try rotation

I’ve found rotation to be a really good idea. So I store half the toys and child paraphernalia in a large box in the water tight garage and then every month rotate the toys that are out to play with. That way only half is actually out reducing clutter AND its like new toys each month. In the summer half the toys get put in her outdoor summer play house too. – Mummy In a Tutu  

Keep the toys in the kids room only

I’m all about minimalism, but I tailor it to fit my family. So we keep toys in my daughters room, she has a set amount of storage that for me, still feels reasonable. If toys get too much or start to overflow the storage she has to get rid of or donate some. – Porridge and Parenting 

Declutter when the kids are out

Have a clean out when they’re out of the house. They’ll wail about you chucking a broken felt tip so I find having a tidy out when they aren’t in is the best. Mine have never even noticed afterwards. – Twinderelmo 

Curate their school art

Keep a few art pieces on a wall with string and pegs then change them up when they come home with more (we can’t hold on to every masterpiece) for the really special ones box them up in their memory boxes.- Paiges Preferences  

Get snappy

Take photos of artwork instead of keeping every single one! – A Mum Reviews  

Get a cleaner

We have a housekeeper who comes once a week and pretty much tidied up after us all, she’s like the tidy fairy and worth every penny. – Mandy Charlton Photography Blog  

And if all else fails…be out of the house!

I try to spend all day out the house so they don’t get a chance to mess it all up lol! – The Mummy Adventure

So there you have it, some super useful hints and tips on how to have a a clutter free home with kids – or at least less clutter! I’m looking forward to implementing some of these to help with my war against clutter….how about you?

15 + top tips for having a clutter free home (with a family!)

Do you have any tips for keeping  a clutter free home with children in the mix that you’d like to share? Do leave a comment if so! And if you need help with decluttering, why not find out more about how you can bring in help to help you declutter your home.

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  1. I try so hard to live clutter free but my three little ones really sabotage this….they will never throw anything away, from holey socks to broken old crafts. Mind you we had a little break through last night in the fact, for the first time, my 10 year old let me clear her small clothes out without a fuss

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me! Now that we have moved house I am definitely trying to declutter and generally be tidier. However we seem to be filing all the space we own so far, and you should see my daughter’s bedroom….where’s the carpet gone? Claire x

  3. At the beginning of the new year, this was my one new year’s resolutions. I managed to de-clutter at the beginning of January and got rid of my daughter’s old toys and clothes she’s outgrown. It’s not even half of the year yet and I feel I have to de-clutter all over again! Sigh.

  4. Every time we travel we really take stock of how much stuff we have and don’t need. We do sell unused things throughout the year, which actually helps fund our travels and we also do a big clear out at Christmas and donate a lot of toys to local charity shops.

  5. decluttering is my hobby 🙂 I know, I sound like a weirdo, but I feel so good when I don’t own much. We live in a small flat, so I need to have everything under control. 2/3 of my son’s toys are stored away under the bed, 1/3 available for him to play with. I rotate them twice a month. This way, he is always excited to see new toys coming, everything is organised and we save money, too. The less toys are out, the easier it gets for tiny kids to keep their stuff clean. My son puts away the books and toys when he is done playing with them. When we move to a bigger place, I’ll definitley have some smarter storage and it will be even easier. Can’t wait!

  6. Love the tips- the ‘take it with you’ one really works, I do it all the time! I also operate a ‘holding place’ which is at the side of the stairs so anything that needs to go upstairs is put there quickly and then I take it up next time I go up. We also use one mug all day for our hot drinks- we only have a slim dishwasher which would be filled up straightaway if we used a new mug for every drink! #coolmumclub

  7. Yes to the one in and one out and I to declutter when the little monkeys are not around, so much easier to manage then X #coolmumclub

  8. Funnily enough, I was just looking at one corner of my room thinking we need another trip to Ikea to get some more storage! When our clutter is getting too much I go round the house with a laundry basket and put everything which isn’t where it belongs. If i’m lucky, the kids will then help find their rightful places. #coolmumclub

  9. I’d like to be able to tell you it gets better as they get older, but it doesn’t. But as they live in their own room and tend to only come out for meals, at least the mess is only in the one place and you can shut the door!

  10. What an amazing load of advice…I’m on a constant battle against mess and probably do loads of these without thinking, but I’m rubbish at moving on the outgrown toys! Must get better at that…

    Thanks for being such a #coolmumclub clutter ban inspo!

  11. I used to love clutter seeing it as an expression of my personality but actually I was holding on to stuff to hold onto people all too often and using buying random things as therapy for my depression. Moving overseas made all the difference because then you just have to clear the clutter and be brutal about things #CoolMumClub

  12. Some great tips – I agree with the donation to charities! And teaching my children to tidy up after themselves. But thats a little hard with the one year old baby haha! #CoolMumClub

  13. We’ve recently got a cleaner – it is a game changer! She mostly concentrates on kitchen and bathrooms but does pile up any toys in the living room and hoovers around them.I like the idea of getting out more often – it does stay so much tidier when we’re not home! #coolmumclub

  14. A great post! I class myself the total opposite of a hoarder! once I get going theres generally nothing left! but sometimes even that doesn’t seem enough! before you know it creep in the endless piles of paper work etc! I deffo want to try to live a more minimalist life so these are great tips #coolmumclub

  15. Ah yes, the clutter, it seems to breed and multiply. We always tidy up toys at the end of the day, but it is things like post, newspapers, magazines and shoes in particular that tend to clutter my flat. I like to have 15 minute blitz sessions (maybe two a week) when I just focus on putting everything in its place. I now have an admin cupboard for all my bills and post etc. It is a very messy cupboard at the moment – tidying it is a 6-monthly endeavour – but at least I can shut the door. Pen x #coolmumclub

  16. These are great tips! I try to clean and declutter on a Sunday so at least I can enjoy it on a Monday when everyone else is at work and school and I am working at home! It doesn’t take long for it to be a tip again after that! #coolmumclub

  17. That’s one of the reasons I prefer to be out of the house, because the thought of getting round to decluttering again doesn’t appeal. I really need to though #coolmumclub

  18. These are really good tips. I think decluttering is a continuous activity. With the living room being the main place to firefight constantly! After all they don’t call it a ‘living’ room for nothing hey?! #coolmumclub

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