6 essential steps for decluttering your wardrobe

decluttering your wardrobe

The great big spring clean is creeping up on us, so what better time to share our decluttering tips for your wardrobe? These will ensure your space is clean, fuss-free and perfectly organised.

Change it up for the seasons

The best thing you can do for decluttering your wardrobe is ensuring that you switch it up for the seasons. You won’t be wearing coats and chunky knitwear in a few weeks time, hopefully anyway, so there’s no need to have it taking up so much space.

Instead to create space pack things away into boxes or bin bags and ensure you only have what you’re going to be wearing. The same can be said for holiday clothing, the likelihood is you’re not going to be strutting down the high street in your beach dress, so keep them packed away until they’re needed. This will save up so much space in your wardrobe.

When you’re switching between the seasons as well, it’s easy to see the pieces that you did and didn’t wear, so make sure you cull out the things that you didn’t wear. If you didn’t wear them this year, the chances are you’re not going to next year either.

Buy all the same hangers

So this might be a little expensive, depending on much you have to hang, but having the same hangers definitely makes a difference to the whole aesthetic of your wardrobe and ensures that you don’t have huge hangers taking up unnecessary space either. This way they’re all uniform and it looks really neat.

Light it up

If you find it hard to look through your wardrobe it might be worth considering some  FirstLighting.co.uk wardrobe lights, these could make all the difference and ensure that you can see everything lurking in the dark corners of your wardrobe.

Split it into categories

Split your wardrobe into your occasion wear/going-out pieces, your everyday wardrobe essentials and then your work wardrobe too. This means you’re likely to have the stuff that you reach for regularly at the forefront and won’t have to go rooting and make a mess of everything. If you have the space split it between shelves so you know exactly what is where.

Find the best storage solution for shoes

Whether you prefer to keep them in their original boxes, or for them to out on shoe rails, find what works best for you when it comes to your shoes and have it all set out. And again, don’t forget to switch between the seasons. There’s little chance you’ll be wearing sandals between the months of October and March, so store them away and the same comes for the summer months, put away the boots you know you’re definitely not going to be wearing.

Keep jewellery in a box

Whether it’s costume jewellery or special pieces, try and keep your jewellery together in one place so that you don’t have to go searching for it every time you want to wear a piece. Having a specific jewellery box also means that pieces are less likely to go missing and won’t get damaged either.

Organise your bags

Keeping your bags organised can be difficult too, quite simply because they come in so many different shapes and sizes. If you haven’t got the space to keep them out on display, then make sure they’re tucked and tidied away neatly. If they come with dust bags keep them inside to ensure that they’re protected. Keep straps inside the bag itself so things are kept tidy. Pack away clutches and going out bags into a box, you’re likely not to going to be using them on a day-to-day basis, so you won’t be reaching for them all of the time.

6 essential steps to decluttering your wardrobe

Are you planning on decluttering your wardrobe this Spring? Perhaps you have some of your own tips to add to this list? Do leave a comment below. And if you found this post useful why not check out this one on having a clutter free house and also this one on making your family home less cramped.

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  1. Great tips – this is something I seriously need to get around to doing. I have so many different sizes and styles that it all just needs a good sort out 🙂

  2. Great tips…if I took clothes away depending on seasons though I would have none left!! I just layer up more the colder the seasons get, and only have one bag! It really sounds like I could do the opposite in fact and go shopping!

  3. They’re great tips hun. I really need to dort my wardrobe out. We’re in an awkward stage in Portugal with the weather swinging between cold and warm. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be packing away the jeans and jumpers!

  4. Some great tips here 🙂 i started trying to change my wardrobe for the season last Friday when it was beautiful and sunny. I was temped to get some bits back out when we got the snow again the day after. I love the idea of all the same coat hangers. I bet they look great all the same.

  5. This is one my biggest problems. I have clothes from 10 years ago which I feel I will still wear & can’t bring myself to throw away. My cupboard is slowly becoming a person of its own with all the overcrowding of clothes & I need lessons in de-cluttering!


  6. These are amazing tips. I have a real hoarding problem – and then I go to throw things away and get all sentimental about them. Someone needs to come and do it whilst I’m not there Haha.

  7. Amazing tips. I do all of these things. My winter clothes go away and we completely declutter. I am such a minimalist. I find that matching hangers make things look so much more organised too. x

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