Storage solutions for a small living space

Storage solutions for a small living space

Let’s face it, we would all love more space in our homes and more storage space to hide away all those things that clutter up our houses. If you are looking for ways you can use your limited storage space more effectively then look no further. Here we outline some useful storage solutions for a small living space/small room.

Storage solutions for a small living space

Get a storage unit

The best way to get more storage space is to get more storage space! Storage units are perfect for keeping things that you do not need all the time like seasonal items or your children’s old toys that maybe you want to keep hold of or save to pass on to someone else. A storage unit means you can put it all away and put it out of mind knowing that it is somewhere safe and secure and not taking up room in your garage or attic. Check out this storage unit price guide to see how cheaply you can get some extra space to store your stuff.

Custom Storage

You do not have to be a DIY expert to build some of your own custom storage solutions. Alcoves are a perfect place to install some extra shelves or cabinets and make use of some possibly awkward shaped spaces. Simply measure the width and check out websites like Wickes or Homebase to see if they have shelves that will fit or alternatively have some custom shelving cut down to your exact size. If you can afford it then it is worth it to get a carpenter in to fit some bespoke storage solutions and make use of any extra alcoves or corners in your home whilst still keeping the place looking neat and tidy.

Opt for multipurpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is great for the kids’ room or the spare bedroom. A sofa bed is a classic choice for the spare room so you can use it as a TV room or a games room most of the time but easily transform the space into a bedroom for guests. Whether it is bunk beds for a shared bedroom or a loft bed with a desk underneath, it is a perfect space for kids to build their own little den.

Utilise the back of doors

You should be careful with this solution, hanging shoe storage or extra hooks on all the doors can end up looking cluttered and messy. So be selective. Use a door in the kitchen to hang a spice rack or hang cleaning essentials like your mop and broom. If you have a lot of shoes, then you can use a door in the bedroom to hang a specifically designed shoe rack.  

Create an under the stairs utility

Do not neglect the space under the stairs. Add hooks to the back of the door or on the walls inside to free up floor space and get a little trolley filled with all your cleaning supplies so you can easily pull it out when you clean and put it back neatly with you are done. 

As you can see there are various storage solutions for a small living space – all of which can help to keep your house feel less cluttered, more organised, and give it a greater sense of space.

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

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