Subtle ways to let children decorate their room (within boundaries)

Letting children decorate their room and personalise their space is an effective way of ensuring that they feel comfortable in their own space. Even child psychology experts agree that kids should be permitted to express their personalities and interests by decorating their room how they like. Letting a child decorate their own room also shows that you trust them to make good decisions and care about them feeling comfortable and secure in the part of your home that is solely their own.

If you are like many parents, you may feel apprehensive about letting your children decorate their room on their own. It is normal to feel this way, especially if you are worried that your little one will choose décor that costs far too much or is downright appalling to look at. While there is nothing wrong with helping your children decorate their room, allowing them to have most of the creative control gives them a sense of ownership. This makes them feel more secure in their room while promoting confidence and self-esteem.

Letting your kids take the wheel and decorate their room as they see fit shows them that you respect their tastes and decisions, too. There are plenty of subtle ways to let children decorate their room, too, that don’t involve overhauling the entire room or spending a small fortune. From displaying artwork, like diamond paintings for kids, to changing out the bedding, here are a few ways your child can express themself and make their room their own.

Display Their Artwork

For kids who enjoy arts and crafts, allowing them to display their creations in their bedroom is a great way to help them make their space their own. Whether they enjoy painting, drawing, cross stitching or any other type of project, encourage them to make pieces to display in their room.

Diamond paintings are fun for decorating kids’ rooms, too. They come in countless designs and several different sizes. Completing one of these “paintings” doesn’t require any special skills, and the finished product always looks amazing. Shop online with your child to find the best diamond painting kits for their room. By the time they finish their first masterpiece, they will likely have a new hobby that they will enjoy for years to come.

If you are someone who longs for a home that is worthy of gracing the pages of an interior design magazine, remember that your child’s bedroom isn’t about you. Even if you don’t find their idea of “art” particularly aesthetically pleasing, it is important to let them display the things they love and are proud of. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all!

Let Them Choose Their Own Linens

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, projects like repainting the walls and replacing the carpet are both costly and labor-intensive. Allowing a child to choose paint and carpet colors can lead to a lot of frustration, too, when they decide after a few weeks that maybe lime green and neon orange don’t make such a great combination after all.

Allowing your child to choose their bed linens and curtains is an easy–and much more affordable–way to give them a greater degree of control over their bedroom décor. Linens are easy to replace, too, so it won’t be nearly as big of a deal when your child’s tastes change.

Depending on your budget and your child’s style, adding a rug can be a good way to give a bedroom a new look, too. When shopping, try not to butt in too much. It is okay to make helpful suggestions here and there, but remember: It’s your child’s room, not yours. You may not love everything they choose, but if it makes them happy and isn’t offensive, inappropriate or potentially dangerous, let them decorate how they like.

Encourage Them to Express Their Interests

Do you remember being a teenager and covering your bedroom walls with posters of your favorite celebrities? You probably loved being sprawled across your bed listening to music and staring at the people you most adored. And if your parents didn’t allow you to hang posters and decorate your room how you wanted, you were probably super jealous of your friends who had “cooler” parents.

Even if your child hasn’t reached their teenage years, start encouraging them to express their interests in their room décor. Being allowed to display pictures of their favorite singer, toys based on their favorite TV show or movie and similar decorative items gives them the freedom to create a bedroom that is uniquely their own. Kids should be encouraged to express their interests–especially in their own bedrooms–and allowing them to proudly display the things they love most is easy and incredibly rewarding. Sometimes, it’s important to think back to when you were a child or teen and remember how you felt about your bedroom and how you were (or weren’t) allowed to decorate it.

Let Your Child Be Themself

As an adult, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of perfection. Many of us want to have perfect homes with flawlessly decorated rooms that match our design preferences. Remember, though, that your child is their own person and not just a mere extension of you. While you may love the thought of a soft pink and lavender bedroom for your little girl, your daughter may prefer bright teal bedding and walls adorned with her own vibrantly colored paintings. And that’s okay!

When it comes to decorating their bedroom, let your son or daughter be themself. Don’t try to force them into a mold or make them live in a bedroom they don’t love. It’s one thing to set reasonable boundaries (like not allowing your child to repaint their entire room black, for example), but they should be allowed to choose things like bedding and wall décor. Let them create a space in which they feel comfortable, and you will be helping them develop confidence and self-esteem. Letting your kid decorate their room also builds decision-making skills and can teach the importance of fully thinking things through before acting. If you don’t love the décor your child chooses, just close the door and let them be happy in their own space.

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