How to create a fun bedroom for a toddler

fun room for a toddler

Want to create a fun bedroom for a toddler? Your toddler’s bedroom plays a significant role in their life because it is a safe and comfortable place to explore, play, relax, learn, and sleep.

While there is no wrong way to create a toddler’s bedroom, making it fun can encourage learning and growth and promote a healthy sleep routine, and the good news is you don’t need to break the bank to make a fun bedroom.

This article reveals how to create a fun bedroom for a toddler with mini tips to make it extra unique for your little one.

Let’s jump in!

Make the bed extra special

Your toddler will spend more than a third of their life asleep, so their bed must be somewhere they enjoy spending time.  

When choosing a bed for your toddler’s bedroom, we recommend choosing something fun but classic. A novelty bed like the Birlea Tree House (pictured above) is a fantastic option for something fun, but we also adore the classical look of the Nordic Mill Teddy.

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Pictured: Nordic Mill Teddy 3FT Single Bed Frame. Available from Bedstar.

Use bright colours

Bright colours create an inviting and exciting atmosphere and will help your toddler feel comfortable and inspired in their bedroom.

You can go the whole hog and paint every wall in a neon or pastel colour, or if you prefer a more restrained appearance, you can paint a single feature wall and keep the rest a neutral colour to create a stylish yet measured look.  

Stickers, stickers, everywhere!

Toddlers love stickers, and there’s no better way to create a personalised bedroom than to let them do the work. Simply buy a massive sticker book of their favourite characters and let them decorate furniture and walls.

Another excellent idea for plain walls is vinyl wall stickers, which have low-tack adhesive and backing tape to simplify installation.

Cartoon wallpaper

Ditching the paint rollers for cartoon wallpaper is a sure-fire way to create a fantastic bedroom for your toddler. Whether they adore Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, or Pokémon, you can usually pick wallpaper up for £10 to £20 per roll.

Add a theme

Suppose you don’t want to use specific cartoon characters and superheroes. In that case, you can choose a theme such as cars, sports, animals, or princesses and incorporate it into the bedroom décor through artwork, furniture, and other accents.

novelty bed is a fantastic way to create a focal point in a themed bedroom – check out the Naples Princess Carriage.

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Pictured: The Naples Bed Company Princess Carriage Single Bed. Available from Bedstar.

Create a cosy sleeping space

Soft, comfortable bedding and blankets in your kid’s favourite colours will make the bedroom feel like a cosy haven.

We recommend buying 100% cotton bedding because it is the softest, but polycotton bedding is cheaper and around 70% as soft. Polyester bedding is usually the cheapest but can feel scratchy and bobble over time.

Keep things educational

Educational toys such as puzzles, blocks, books, and letter games can help stimulate learning creatively and be enjoyable. Adding a desk to your toddler’s bedroom will also give them somewhere to do homework and crafts.

Include a play area

Adding a playmat, a tepee, a playhouse, or a kinetic sandbox to your toddler’s bedroom can offer the perfect space for them to explore and play – just ensure to protect the floor and walls where necessary.

Don’t forget about safety

Safety should be a top priority when decorating your toddler’s bedroom because they will spend time alone, unsupervised.

Here are our top tips for toddler bedroom safety:

  • Buy a bed with a guard rail or a rail that bolts on.
  • Buy furniture with rounded edges.
  • Get corner guards for sharp-edge furniture.
  • Buy furniture with soft-close hinges or upgrade them.
  • Install foam strips alongside wall edges.
  • Place foam tiles and cushions in play areas.
  • Buy childproof socket covers.
  • Tether all furniture to the wall.
  • Do not install shelves within arm’s reach of your toddler.

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