6 DIY bathroom remodel ideas

Your bathroom may not be the most important room in your home but it is probably a close second. The problem is that it can be a difficult room to remodel.

Firstly you need to consider the plumbing in the bathroom. It will probably need moving; you’ll want to find a good plumber wherever you are in the world – whether it be a trustworthy plumber in London or a professional Sydney plumber – to ensure you have no leaks afterwards.

But, you’ll also need a good electrician to make sure there are no issues regarding these two dangerous substances contacting each other. Additionally you need to balance practicality with style, intimacy and your personal tastes.

Here are a few ideas to get your DIY bathroom remodelling job going:

Change Your Tub

You don’t need to stick t a standard tub when remodelling. There are hundreds of different designs and styles on the market. Consider adding a freestanding tub, a Roman tub or perhaps a jetted tub to ease the cares of the day away.

Ditch The Tray

An increasingly common addition to the bathroom is the removal of the conventional shower tray. You’ll need to get your plumber to lower the drains into your floor and then tile the floor to create a gentle slope towards the floor mounted drain.

The result is a stunning looking shower that’s easier to get in and out of. Of course, you could always consider installing a steam shower.

Install a Heated Floor

There is little better than steeping out of the bath or shower onto a heated floor. It can even be beneficial when you just wish to use the facilities. These are surprisingly easy to fit, pipes are run under the flooring and warm water is pumped through them; ensuring the floor and the bathroom is always warm.

You can have your own thermostat and timer on the floor as well as going environmentally friendly and using a ground source heat pump to power it!

Save Water with a Sensor Faucet

This may seem a little flash but it’s a great way to save water and ensure the faucet is not over used. You can control the water used and what triggers the faucet. It can be exceptionally useful for children and those with limited mobility.

Consider Dual Vanities

Almost every modern home has the space for dual vanities. Having separate space for you and your partner allows you to get ready at the same time without getting in each other’s way.

They do require additional space, ideally 5 – 6 feet for the double sink unit and then some space for products and make-up. But, you’ll love it and so will any potential buyer in the future.

Opt for a Re-tile

Of course the most effective way to transform the look of your bathroom is to rip the existing wall covering and flooring off and replace them. Stone can be an excellent choice for your walls and floor; creating a sophisticated yet friendly look that leaves you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

In order to achieve many of the other ideas on this list you’ll need to re-do the walls anyway; you may as well do them properly! Looking for more ideas on how to update your bathroom? Why not check these low cost ideas for a bathroom refresh and tips on creating the perfect family bathroom.

Cover picture credit: Bathroom Takeaway, Brooklyn Bathroom Suite with Yang Freestanding Bath

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