7 handy tips for gardening with children

gardening with children

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We all know that gardening can be quite relaxing and therapeutic. It strengthens bones, keeps us active and helps to improve our mental well-being. These benefits, however, don’t just apply to adults. If you’re a parent, you’ll be happy to know that gardening with children can be fun and have health benefits for them too.

The findings of several studies showed that kids who engaged in gardening were more likely to make healthier food choices and adopt a sense of responsibility. It has also been proven that this is one sure way to develop motor skills, and it’s a great way to bond too! Here are seven tips for gardening with children.

Engage them

You can make gardening lots of fun by engaging your child in the planning process. For example, put together a list of items you want to grow and let them have some say in which you should plant first. This will help to create a sense of ownership. They will want the plants to succeed, and it will develop a sense of purpose.

Keep it simple

Children don’t like anything that doesn’t sound like fun. A garden with too many components can seem complicated and tedious for them. Have them plant the seeds and scoop up the dirt (kids love getting their hands dirty!).

Grow plants that have a high success rate

It’s natural for kids to get discouraged when things don’t go their way. The same applies to gardening. Consider planting a few items that are likely to result in a fruitful yield. They’ll love picking the tomatoes from a tree they helped you plant.

Let them have their own patch

There’s no better way for kids to learn about gardening than giving them more responsibility. When you provide older children space to work, they will take pride in watering and weeding. They will also love eating what they have been working on.

Be practical

Instead of telling them, why not show them? The fastest way to grasp a concept is by doing it practically.

Let them enjoy the dirt

Children somehow love being around dirt and what better way to incorporate that than in gardening? Get some “official gardening clothes” that they can wear whenever you’re tending to the garden together.

Get them their own tools

Don’t let the kids struggle with the fork or spade. They will not get anything done, and frustration will set in. Invest in some kid-sized tools to make it easier for them and throw in some kiddie gloves while you’re at it. They will love you for it.


Making plants grow and emerge from the ground is a gratifying experience. Your kids will love watching plants grow when you involve them, and they will be healthier, both mentally and physically.

7 handy tips for gardening with children

Are you looking to started with gardening with your children this Spring? Perhaps you already love to garden with your littles and have some tips to share do leave a comment below.

Author bio: Hi! I’m Michelle, owner of Gardening Leave and a passionate gardener. My experience, knowledge and tips comes from caring for my own vegetable garden. I enjoy connecting with others and sharing my personal experiences with other garden fanatics.



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