How to pick the right bike for your child

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When picking the right bike for your child, adults often tend to use their own size to make a comparative decision on the size of their kid’s bike frame.

This couldn’t be further from right. To take adult bike measurements, we often take the shortcut of standing over the bike and assuming it fits if we can stand comfortably. But for a kid’s measurements, you would be far better off using the bike brand’s sizing chart to find the best fit.

When picking the right bike for your child, you are not alone – many parents are in the same boat when trying to get the best value for their money while accommodating their growing child’s needs.

Have they ridden before?

When picking the right bike for your child, your child’s experience and previous time spent on a bike; will help to determine how they anticipate using the bike. If your kid is hoping to take part in competitions or activities that require agility, like mountain biking, they will be better off with a light frame, like one made of aluminum.

This wonder-material can hold its own against the elements, and is tough enough to withstand any knocks and jolts that it may encounter. If you are buying a bike for a very experienced kid rider, you could look at extra features like advanced brakes or gear shifting capabilities.

A weighty issue

The weight of the bike will greatly affect how they experience the bike. Other than affecting the agility of the rider, a light frame with a long wheelbase and a steady riding position is likely to be ridden more than a more basic bike.

Why? Simple – it is lighter to operate and more comfortable to use. This can get tricky if you are looking for a kid’s bike to buy online only to discover a small adult bike in reality! Make sure that you a getting what you pay for when buying online.

Alloy frames are even lighter than aluminum, rust-resistant and easy to handle, but tend to come with a hefty price tag. I would suggest making sure that the intended use of the bike matches the price you pay for it.

Take your positions

When it comes to being on the bike, you need to pay attention to where your kid’s feet are positioned. They should be able to comfortably reach the ground when they are sitting in the seat. If they are straining to reach the ground and excessively pointing their feet, the seat is too high or the frame is too big.

Of course, they should be able to reach and control the handlebars. If the bike frame is too big, your kid will struggle to reach the handlebars, which will result in them being unable to control the bike.

Your kid must love their bike

Although it seems obvious when picking the right bike for your child, the final consideration is to make sure that your kid actually likes the bike. No amount of measuring, planning, fitting, and manipulating can make a kid like their bike.

Take their tastes and preferences into account and pick the bike that will make their little hearts beat faster. Trust me – there is nothing worse than spending a huge amount of money on a white elephant that stands in the garage!

We hope this quick guide on how to pick the right bike for your child was helpful. Happy cycling!


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  1. Some great advice, thank you for sharing. With summer upon us we are looking into a trike (one with parent control) who and a balance bike for our youngest, currently 19months to get her started with a bike. This will come in handy for sure. Thank you

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