Why balance bikes are good for toddlers

balance bikes are good for toddlers

Are you reading this because you’re wondering whether balance bikes are good for toddlers? Every parent is always conflicted about whether or not to teach his or her kids how to pedal their bike or not. However, with a balance bike, this is not an issue anymore. A balance bike is a type of training bicycle that can assist children in learning skills such as balancing, steering, and braking. These are the reasons why most parents prefer to get balance bikes for their children.

They Are Safe To Use

Balance bikes are designed in such a way that they get rid of interruptions from chains, pedals, and cranksets. It makes them more reliable. In a regular bike, these features can easily cause injuries to your kid.

While your child is using this bike, they will be using their skills; therefore, it is hard for them to get into a biking accident. The bike also allows the child to stop the bike with their feet.

They Are Easy To Use

With a helpful guide, you will get the perfect bike that will allow your kid to learn to ride faster. Balance bikes do not need your kid to use their energy struggling with the pedals. It allows them to focus on the essential thing, which is balancing, making it is easy for them to pedal.


Children who ride balance bikes normally ride pedal bikes independently at a very young age than those who use training wheels. It is common for children who use a balance bike to start using a pedal bike at the age of five, while those using training wheels can begin at the age of six.

It is also easy for an experienced balance biker to transition to a pedal bike. When your kid is a balance bike rider, you will only need to give them the bike, and they are good to go. You will not need to run beside them while holding their seats; you only have to watch them as they ride.

They Are Durable

To ensure that balance bikes are durable, manufactures of these bikes often make their seats and handlebars adjustable. It is also possible to expand some of these balance bikes after they get better and gain confidence.

Great For Family Time

Today most parents and kids find themselves at the house playing games or watching movies. When you have a balance bike, you can go for leisure walks with your three years old kid. You can have fun compared to taking them with a tricycle, which is slow or stroller, which is very slow.


Instead of infuriating your children to go and play outside, they will be begging you to take them for a ride. Most children love the independence that they experience and the sense of accomplishment they achieve from riding a balance bike.

Variety of Designs Available

There are balance bike models that can be used by kids from ages 1-7. The balance bikes are also available in different designs and styles. You are sure that you will not miss one that fits your kid.

Therefore, because balance bikes come in different designs and styles, their prices also differ. However, they sell at a pocket-friendly price.

They Are Lightweight

When you compare balance bikes to pedal bikes with a training wheel, they are two to three times lighter. Some pedal bikes with training wheels weigh as much as a child. However, with a balance bike, children can ride several miles without feeling exhausted and run up hills without having to get off the bike.

Children Can Start Young

Kids as young as 22 months old can learn how to balance on their own! When they turn four or five and are stronger and taller, they can transition to pedal bikes smoothly without so much training.

They Are Economical

There is a widespread belief that balance bikes are a waste of money; this is not true. Balance bikes are neither expensive nor a waste of money. Most parents get a balance bike because it offers them overall savings.

This is because one balance bike will replace the need for a tricycle and a 12-inch bicycle fitted with training wheels. You should also note is that these 12-inch bikes are not reusable after you get rid of the training wheels, so you will have to buy a big bicycle as compared to getting one balance bicycle of either 16-inch or 20-inch bike.

These are some of the reasons balance bikes are good for toddlers and why many parents prefer to get a balance bike for their children.

Are you considering getting a balance bike for your child? Or perhaps you already have one and want to share why you think balance bikes are good for toddlers? Do share in a comment below.


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