Here’s why lockdown easing won’t change much for us

lockdown easing

As I sit here and write this, the news is awash with what people got up to on “Super Saturday” as lockdown easing measures were finally rolled out. Maybe you were one of the many who enjoyed a drink (or five!) down at the local pub, took advantage of the extensive summer sales in the shops, braved the cinema, dined at your favourite restaurant, took your kids to the playground or had your mangey hair cut at the hairdressers. You may have even been one of the few I have spoken to who have actually booked a flight in the hope of escaping our (not-so) fair isle.

When your loved ones are high risk

Well, not to be a stick in the mud but we didn’t do any of those, and neither are we likely to for quite a while longer. You see, with both of my parents at the upper end of the high-risk scale, none of this means anything to me. Any and all of the above are pretty much out of the question in our lives. It was hard enough making the decision to send my daughter into school for three two hour slots to enable her to say goodbye to her Infants school and begin transitioning into junior school come September. All of which meant we had to be socially distanced from the grandparents for yet another five weeks.

Distanced all over again…

Getting back into circulation in the world at large essentially means having to be cut off from our nearest and dearest all over again. And while I have no idea how we are going to manage this all come September with my daughter officially returning to school (we’ll be taking a view on that based on infection rates at the time, fines or no fines sorry Boris!), I’m not ready to be socially distanced continually from my parents and her grandparents all over again.

Is it worth the risk?

Every simple pleasure out there to enjoy again means taking a risk. A risk to their health, and to their lives. So while the slogan “Stay home, save lives” seems like a distant memory for so many – for us, it is still very much a reality. Sure – I don’t approach leaving the house with the extreme level of anxiety I used to, but I know that doing anything more than the essentials in life could still potentially put our loved ones at risk. And one that for now, I’m not willing to take.

So as the nation laps up the lockdown easing measures without a real clue of what is yet to come (second wave anybody?), I’ll be calculating the risk in every decision I make, because if there’s one thing that all of this has taught me, is that family is everything. I’ll be sticking to my at-home hair appointments and avoiding the playgrounds where nobody is wiping or cleaning anything in-between uses for the time being thanks!



  1. I agree that people shouldn’t be in a rush to resume “normal life” but instead, take calculated risks and make responsible decisions. I have swapped out happy hour at the bar for a few beers at a friend’s home and you know what? I prefer it.

  2. We’re not changing much either – for the long run. I’m considered immune compromised (only due to pregnancy) and my son is 2.5y/o. We still haven’t met up with anyone, and I haven’t been inside a store since March. We’re keeping everyone as safe as possible.

  3. I don’t understand why people would want to risk it…just to go out to a restaurant? It never made sense to me. We need to be more responsible and not so selfish. Important reminder for those who think that COVID is ‘over’.

  4. I know how you feel. Honestly…I’ve unplugged from the Matrix with all the noise going on around the world. Especially from the media. What I’m focused on instead is ensuring I build a healthy immune system and provide the means for my loved ones to do the same.

  5. Life for sure is not going to be same again however many things will be better than they were. It’s all about all of us being patient and starting safe for sometime

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