5 things l learnt during lockdown ft. Rydale AD

learnt during lockdown

Lockdown has been a huge learning experience for all of us, and one thing’s for sure – we are now living in a different reality. As lockdown eases, now is definitely the time for reflection, and over the past week or so I’ve really been starting to appreciate all the things that lockdown has taught me. So today, I’ve teamed up with Rydale and their clothing collection inspired by a true love of the country to share what I learnt during lockdown.

Family really is everything

With both sets of E’s grandparents shielding and our world suddenly shrunk very small indeed. But now, finally being given access to them again – being able to talk without distance, give them a hug and enjoy a meal with them you realise, that all the other ridiculous things we were chasing around in our lives really didn’t matter. But one thing that did was and still is – family. One of the biggest things I’ve learnt during lockdown is that we should never take that for granted again.

Nature really is a sanity saver

Because I was so fearful of everything for the first critical weeks of the pandemic, and my anxiety levels were through the roof – I didn’t leave the house. At all. I realised in the end that not getting outside and into nature was doing more harm to my mental health than the risk presented by Coronavirus.

Once I did finally overcome my crippling fear, got outside and into nature for a good dose of vitamin N, it was like someone had given me a new body and mind. A long walk in nature really does bring down your anxiety levels and help to restore equilibrium.

Kids are really resilient in a crisis

I know a lot of people are talking about the long term psychological impact of the pandemic on our children, but what we are not hearing about is just how amazingly resilient they can be!

I honestly feel that the disaster we have been through over the last few months has brought out the best in my daughter – her sense of gratitude and compassion coupled with her ability to pull her socks up and get on with it is absolutely remarkable. Truth be told, I think she has dealt with everything a lot better than me!

Self-care is not optional

For the first few weeks of the pandemic, despite the “slowing down” of life, I honestly felt like I was on a different sort of hamster wheel – trying to work, homeschool, parent, all the cooking and cleaning. It was all just too much. One day in the shower, I literally felt my head spinning from it all. I knew I was close to the brink, and things had to change.

From that moment on, self-care for me meant starting therapy, taking the time to end the day with yoga and meditation, and going to bed even earlier than before because I was just so utterly exhausted. Let me tell you, it paid off and I am a much better person and parent for it.

Our neighbours are really lovely

Like so many other streets up and down the nation, ours started a whatsapp group for advice, support, errands for those shielding, sharing of items needed and offloading of things no longer required. Suddenly we started getting to know people we never even knew lived on the street, and also discovering how lovely, kind and thoughtful they all are.

The warm fuzzy feels that shined up and down the street during the NHS clap continued throughout the week as we all began to discover the amazing community we were blessed with. So here’s a shout out to you Linden Road! One of the most positive things I learnt during lockdown – we are so very happy to have gone through all of this with you.

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What are some of the things you learnt during lockdown? Do share in a comment below. And also let me know which of the above outfits is your favourite!



  1. The first few weeks of the crisis I had the same reaction as you. I was terrified to leave the house. Thankfully, I started getting out and walking through our neighborhood and talking to neighbors from a distance. It really helped.

  2. The first couple of weeks of this pandemic really drives me crazy, I am so afraid to leave the house I can’t even go outside in front of our door because of the feeling that I might get the virus from the air and may harm my kids too. But this crisis gives me a lot of realization, to live my life always with love and kindness, keeping and always making memories with my loved ones, always learn to help others and most importantly to TRUST GOD for everything.

  3. I’ve learned a lot as well. I really enjoyed being around my family a lot too. It was nice that we got outdoors a lot, and still do. It’s been nice doing more as a family.

  4. I was so anxious to go to the grocery store and found it uncomfortable to wear mask at first, but I’m getting the hang of it now and accepted the new normal.

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