Here’s why self-care during Coronavirus should be a priority

Although self-care should always be a top priority, self-care during Coronavirus is a priority in my opinion. A recent poll discovered that 6 in 10 people in this country have felt anxious or stressed due to coronavirus, most likely due to the disruption it’s caused to their lives, the social distancing rules and the lockdown rules. 

It’s therefore important to discover the best ways to help your mental and physical health throughout this time, so that they are as healthy as possible. To help with this, here are some self-care strategies that you can try at home:

Connect Regularly With Loved Ones

During the outbreak, people aren’t able to see close family members or friends that don’t live with them. And because of this, many people are feeling isolated, alone and disconnected. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to try and stay connected with loved ones virtually. Thankfully, there are plenty of technologies that you can now use, from House Party to Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc. 

Try To Keep Up Your Exercise Regime

Throughout this time, whether you’re working or not, it’s important that you try and keep up an exercise regime

But even if you didn’t have a strict one prior to the outbreak, it’s worth trying to do some exercise every day. Even going on a simple walk is very beneficial, as it gives you some time to clear your mind and get you away from the house. 

As part of the government rules you’re currently allowed to do this, so try and take advantage of this benefit for as long as you possibly can in the name of self-care during Coronavirus – just make sure that you’re following social distancing rules when you are doing so!

Eat Healthily

It might be tempting to order takeaways and neglect your physical health during the lockdown. But doing this will only make you feel less motivated and will be very damaging for your health in the long run. Which is why it’s so important to try and eat healthily each day throughout this time. 

A key step towards an efficient and effective self-care routine, you’ll come out of quarantine feeling energetic and more ready to get back to what life used to be like prior to lockdown.

Pamper Yourself

At the moment, every day might feel like the same. Whether it’s filled with trying to complete work, doing things around the house or homeschooling, it’s worth treating yourself to a pamper evening a few days a week. 

When it comes to self-care during Coronavirus, you can run yourself a bath, put on a face mask and unwind. Some people might also make themselves a soothing tea (e.g peppermint or chamomile) or try CBG oil

Prioritise Your Sleep

Another aspect of your wellbeing that might be taking a backseat is your sleeping pattern. Whether you’re anxious about the situation or you’re waking up/going to sleep later than you normally would, it’s most likely contributing to you feeling overtired at the end of each day. 

To promote a good sense of wellbeing and help boost self-care during Coronavirus, you should try and focus on improving your sleeping pattern. To help with this, here are three suggestions:

  • Wind down one or two hours before you sleep, reading or doing another relaxing activity such as yoga.
  • Try to put your phone/iPad down at least one hour before you sleep – some studies/articles have shown that by using your phone right up to when you try and sleep will only stimulate the brain and make it more difficult to drift off, delaying your sleep pattern.

Why Self-Care is So Important 

The importance of self-care in everyday life is undeniable. Whether it’s ensuring that you connect with your loved ones regularly, try and promote better sleep, exercise or eat more healthily, it’s an effective way of managing stress for the following reasons:

Time to Unwind 

Taking a break to relax throughout the day will make you feel as though you’re taking an emotional and mental vacation from the stress that you’ve been feeling. Triggering a relaxation response, it will allow you to start the day feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Although being stuck indoors for this extended period of time may seem very daunting, it can be seen in a positive light. Once the kids are in bed, you could take some alone time to slip into a soothing state of meditation and enjoy some much-needed self-reflection. This will help you to start work/homeschool with more positive feelings. 

The Benefits of Self-Care To Pay Attention To

There are so many benefits that can come with implementing self-care into your routine. These include, but are not limited to the following:

It Improves Your Emotional Health 

Taking the time out to care for yourself has a direct impact on your emotional health. Making you feel better about yourself and value you for you, it contributes to long-term feelings of good wellbeing – something that many people strive to achieve. 

It Improves Your Ability to Care For Others

Often, people will neglect their own needs in order to care for others, especially us mums! But by forgetting to nurture your own feelings, low self-esteem, resentment and deep levels of unhappiness develop – enhanced at the moment by the outbreak. 

By taking time out to care for yourself you’ll become a better caretaker for others and re-enter situations feeling better about it. This is something I have learnt through first hand experience.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! Those are some suggestions of ways that you can implement self-care within your routine throughout lockdown, the importance of it and the benefits that you can gain. 

Whatever strategy you use, you’ll be one step closer to a healthy and beneficial self-care routine that will help to enhance your mental and physical health during this uncertain time. Just keep in mind that it’s a good idea to mix up your routine every day and it’s even beneficial to try new skills – this way, you’ll feel as though you came out of this situation having achieved something rather than just being a firefighter.



  1. great ideas, and it is pretty much what we’ve been doing.
    for me I’ve been walking 8500 steps per day and eating 2000 cals or under, which is really achievable, but helps me feel on top of things

  2. We’ve been walking 5 miles a day and also doing lots of work in the garden, so I think we’re covered on the exercise front. However, my sleep patterns have got all messed up. I find myself staying up till the small hours (or lying awake if I try to go to bed earlier), then not getting up till late. Today I didn’t get up till noon!

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