School bus safety: The benefits of letting children ride school buses

School bus safety

Whether you always wanted to drop off and pick up your kids from school or you really wanted to walk to school as often as possible, the thought of school buses might not be a welcome one, especially if you’re concerned about school bus safety .

However, sometimes, school buses run by companies like Allied Fleet can not only save you time and help you run a better schedule but they also offer a number of benefits for your kids and the community.

We explore the benefits of school buses below:

It’s a Sociable Event

When your children are sat on the school bus with their friends, this offers them some great, relaxed social time outside of school. Plus, they’ll be more likely to mix with children of different ages because they’ll all get the same bus together.

Having the opportunity to talk and make friends with older kids will help build your child’s self-esteem and confidence.

It Makes Them More Independent

If your child constantly relies on you taking them to and from school, this does take away some of their independence. Whereas, if they have to get themselves on and off a bus with their school bags, snacks and sports kits, this will give them an air of independence that’s also great for boosting their confidence.

It also gives them a great sense of freedom. Surely you can remember the day you were first allowed to walk to school or get the bus? Yes those were the days when school bus safety didn’t even cross our minds! It really does make you feel like a ‘grown-up’ and as though you are being given new responsibilities that you want to live up to.

This, in turn, makes the mornings more fun as they look forward to getting themselves to school rather than being ordered to jump in the car when you’re all ready! And that has to be a win for both parent and child.

It’s Better for the Environment

If every parent took their children to school in the car, imagine how much pollution this would put into the atmosphere?! In contrast, if everyone takes the bus, this significantly reduces the amount of air pollution that’s being released. And that is a great lesson to teach our children about how to be kind to earth.

Furthermore, with less traffic on the road, this will make the area you live in a much less hectic, cleaner place to live. It also means the roads will be safer, especially around school because there’ll be fewer cars picking up and dropping off students. Just think – no more annoying parents parking on the double yellow lines and obstructing visibility just because they are in a rush (like everyone else!).

It’s Great for the Family

The start of the day for many families is ridiculously hectic with everyone running around trying to get themselves organised. Add the school run into the mix and things can get even more fraught.

Giving your children the responsibility to get themselves on the local bus will reduce a lot of your stress, help you better stick to schedules and introduce a much calmer atmosphere into your household.

Overall, then, catching the bus can give your children a lot of independence and freedom while also allowing you to do your bit for the environment (and for your own stress levels!). It certainly makes you reconsider school bus safety and the fact that riding a bus to school is actually safer than being dropped off in your family car.

Does you child go to school on the school bus? What are your thoughts on school bus safety? Do share in a comment below.


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