Child starting school this year? 3 things you can do to support them

child starting school

Is your child starting school this year? The first year of school is exciting but also difficult for your kids. It can be confusing for them, as they learn to be on their own. There are suddenly many little responsibilities they have to take care of, which they did not, before. It is important to make their life as easy as possible, if we want them to go through this experience, as best they can. If your child is starting school this year, here are a few tips that will help you, help them.

Identify their belongings

One thing is certain: All kids at school will have the same books and stationery items. That will definitely be a problem for them, as I know from first-hand experience of my own child starting school. Although it doesn’t seem like such a high task for us, to keep everything that is ours separate from the others, when you are young, it is something you don’t even think of, most of the time and it is very easy for them to get in a muddle. When they need to separate the object that are theirs, it can be tricky unless you make sure to identify everything with their name on it. 

That is also true about school uniforms. The number of times they can misplace or lose their clothes is unfathomable! Name labels are something that you should insert into everything they wear to go to school and are non-negotiable for a child starting school.

Today, you can have them made easily, in bunches, so that there is always one left for the next piece of clothing you will buy your daughter or son. They will really make a big difference, as kids tend to come home with other people’s clothes. By having their names inside theirs, it will be easy to know if what they brought home was theirs or not. It will also be helpful to indicate parents of another child, that the jacket they have in their hands is not theirs, but belongs to your kid.

Prepare them a balanced lunch

Nutrition is one of the most important elements for a child starting school is particularly important in school, if you want them to succeed. Inadequate nutrition and even some foods can make your child sleepy, and he or she will then have a hard time following what the teacher says. That attention span needs to be optimal, otherwise, your kid will rapidly fall behind in his studies, which will have an effect on the rest of his or her school years

Make sure to provide them with a balanced diet. It needs to include vegetables, fruits and proteins. Stay away from any refined products, such as cakes, and when feeding them bread, choose integral wheat or made from seeds. Water is the most important to pack, in their lunch box. If you decide to go for a fruit juice instead, make sure it is pure, not a cocktail mostly made of sugar. In some elementary schools, they offer kids a fruit and milk snack at break time. If your child’s school doesn’t, then you should add an extra piece of fruit in their lunch bag.

Talk with Them, when They come Home

Communication is very important. Ask them what they have learned today, at school. That will show that you value the school work they do, and they’ll want to listen and learn more, in order to tell you every day about it. You also want to understand how the teacher is treating them, and if they get along with other kids. The only way to do so is to ask. 

In conclusion, keep in mind that kids are not supposed to have to worry about anything, at that age. So make sure that you do think of everything, before sending them to class to help alleviate any anxiety they may have about going to school.

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