15+ conversation starters for when your child won’t tell you what happened at school

child won't tell you what happened at school

How often do you excitedly head out on the school run, pick up your children from school, eagerly ask them for updates about the day then met with “I did nothing” or “I don’t remember”. If your child won’t tell you what happened at school, don’t take it personally! We’ve all been there – including myself. Anyone would think our children had been sworn to secrecy by an underground cult!

***Cue tumbleweed***

Feeling exasperated with the usual stock answers, I went on a mission to tackle the dearth of conversation that often ensued at pick up. I soon discovered that very specific questions about their school day, then you were on to a winner.

If, however, you just ask a general “so how was your day?” and leave it for that, then, unfortunately, a scintillating conversation won’t be on the cards for you.

So today I wanted to share my tried and tested conversation starters which I’m confident will have your little bean chatting enthusiastically all the way home (you can thank me for that – or not! later).

Essentially, they are broken down into classic and specific “who” and “what” questions and I’ve found them to be endlessly useful (rather than feeling like the mum who has been given a metaphorical hand to the face!).

So without further ado, here are some conversation starters to use when your child won’t tell you what happened at school on any given day.

Conversation starters to use when your child won’t tell you what happened at school


Who did you play with today?

Who did you sit next to at lunchtime?

Who made you happy today?

Who made you sad today?

Who was kind to you today?

Who were you kind to today?

Who were your teachers today?

Who made you laugh today?


What was the most exciting thing you learnt today?

What was the best thing about your day?

What made you happy today?

What made you sad today?

What was something funny that happened today?

What did you read today?

What did you learn that surprised you today?

What was boring today?

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Obviously you don’t need to reel out a whole load of these in one afternoon like a mad mama hell-bent on a meaningful conversation. Just using a few of these are enough to get – and usually keep – the conversation going.

Do you find that your child won’t tell you what happened at school? What do you think of the conversation starters above? Or perhaps you have some to add to this list? Do share in a comment below.


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