I miss my child when she is at school

my child when she is at school

Those of you who follow my blog will know that my daughter started school this year. In many ways, this couldn’t have come sooner. She was ready, and I was ready. But now we’re approaching half term, the fact is…I have to admit..I have been missing her so much.

I miss spending quality time with her.

I miss our little chats.

I miss our cuddles.

I feel that our lives have been condensed into a rushed hour in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening because most days after school, we will head to the playground or similar because I believe that kids need to burn off that steam after school.

It’s so hard knowing about her – her thoughts, her feelings, her experiences. They tumble out of her mouth by accident just before she goes to bed when –  if we were adults – we would sit up all night talking. But she’s four, and she’s shattered, and it’s bedtime.

How have we gone from two peas in a pod over the summer to strangers passing in the night? I feel the gap between us is so huge. We make up for it over the weekend, then drift apart again.

I’m the mum who has become focused on getting her out of the door on time for the school run, nagging her to remember everything, getting her fed, “managing her life” and I feel like all those beautiful precious moments have been squeezed into nano seconds here and there.

They are just not enough.

She’s having a great time at school and I’m so happy for her but the truth is – as selfish as this might sound – I’m the one who is still adjusting. I feel like all the hard work put into nurturing our relationship is just slowing ebbing away with every school day. And yet I know this is only natural.

I know things will eventually work themselves out but right now, I need to find ways to re-enforce our bond. I need to create ways of spending more special time together, more rituals, in the condensed time we have. I need to hug her more, love her more, and reassure her more in those seemingly fleeting moments we have together. I need to re-connect so we are not busy moaning at each other after a hard day at school when all I want to do is hold her close.

And it’s not like I’m sitting around all day wallowing in self pity. I’m busy. I’m working. On so many levels I’m fulfilled. Everyday whooshes past me in a whirlwind or work and to-dos, but there’s a hole inside me, and I need to find a way to patch it up.

Did your child start school this year? Do you miss them? Please do leave a comment and share how you feel.

Why I miss my child when she's at school


  1. I think everyone feels differently about children starting school. For me, I didn’t because N had been in pretty much full time childcare since a year old. But you do still mourn the young child they were as you see them grow up. N chats a lot, but after school he’s at after school club, then often the OH will take him over to the farm so the homework time we spend together is precious, and bedtime. I think about how wonderful it is to see them grow, and that’s been launched by us.

  2. Oh my heart goes out to you – I can imagine I’ll be feeling exactly the same when my daughters go to school. Getting used to a new routine is always hard, but your her mummy and you’ll always have that bond 🙂

    • My youngest started school in September and my eldest started 2 years prior and I still struggle. Don’t get me wrong I have always been a parent n not just a best friend (the one to moan n tell them off) however we have always talked and had soooo much fun n cuddled n shared and laughed n now I just seem to rush them. they’re always on a clock and I am nagging to get em out the door or to do homework. I feel sick most days. I hate it. I started working full time days when littlest went to school so like you I am not home sat self pitying but it is hard! Big hugs to all those mums out there.

  3. My eldest starts school next year and I know I’m going to really miss him. I think he is ready for school, but I know the house will feel so empty without him here. My youngest misses him when he is at preschool all day, so I don’t know how he is going to be when school starts.

  4. I can understand, my only son is 8 and his school is starting tomorrow and I have started missing him. He is so excited and im happy too but I am so upset from inside like I am letting him go somewhere. I want to spend more time, more touch, more talks etc this is bringing tears in my eyes. I wish i had a magic so that I could stop the time for some time to spend few extra moments with him.

  5. How are you a year on? My daughter has today exceeded her previous number of consecutive days at school and I was waiting for her to get wobbly and she has – but so have I. I’m sad. I can’t shake it. I want her with me sooooo much. I know she wants me too… This is awful.

    • A year on it is much better – I think it just takes time on both sides…it’s a massive change to adjust to and we still have our moments especially after any school holidays. Hope it gets better for you x

  6. Thank you. This is exactly how I’m feeling about my daughter who started school last week. I miss her heaps already and feel our time is squashed into morning and afternoon.

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