11 healthy after school snacks + a #giveaway

after school snacks

What do kids need the most after spending a busy day at school? They need a little snack boost to get back all the energy that they had consumed at the school. The ideal snack is delicious, can be made or accessed quickly and is rich in all vital nutrients.

When my children come back from  school they always say, ‘I’m hungry, ‘what’s at home to eat’? Having a quick snack after returning from school can provide kids with some much needed energy to make it to dinner easily.

My approach towards an after-school snack is quite simple. I want my kids to learn how to make or access snacks on their own because by doing this, they will not only improve their kitchen skills, but also learn to prepare something healthy when I’m not around.

How to set the guideline for children regarding the preparation of after-school snacks?

  1. Sit down with your kids and allow them to decide on the five snacks that they would really love to make.
  2. Allow them to help you prepare things whenever they have time. They can help you in cutting vegetables and with the dressing of the dishes. But, make sure that they are using knives that are 100% safe to work with. Chicago cutlery knives are known for the best performance and an enhanced safety, so using these will help them learn how to use a knife in a much easier way.
  3. You will have to label the serving size so that they know how much to add. This will ensure less wastage of food items and precise taste of the final recipe.
  4. Educate your children to clean all the utensils and shelf after preparing the meal so as to prevent the accumulation of bugs and bacteria.

Now, here are 10 snack ideas they can either make or access by themselves that you can share with your kids.

  1. A scoop from ‘trail mix’ container: This recipe is prepared by mixing coconut flakes, nuts, dried fruits and seeds together in an airtight container. You can add one ½ cup scoop as well for your kids to measure the quantity of trail mix on their own.
  2. Yogurt cups: You can take small cups and add frozen fruit pieces into it along with yogurt at the top. This is quite easy to make and is extremely refreshing as well.
  3. Healthy snack bars: You can buy fruit and nut bars from any supermarket and keep them within the reach of your kids so that whenever they have that craving, they can access these healthy energy bards OR you can teach them to make their own.
  4. Celery sticks with peanut butter: This is another classic snack that you can have your kids prepare on their own. To make things more interesting, they can add raisins at the top. For quick and smooth spreading of peanut butter, kids can use sharp butter knives.
  5. Hardboiled egg with fruit: If you can show your kids how to peel hardboiled eggs, then this snack can be super easy. A hardboiled egg with a fruit of your kid’s choice will satisfy their hunger.
  6. Fruit & cheese: You can get a non-sharp cheese cutter for your kids so that they don’t find difficulty in cutting a slice of cheese. A slice of cheese along with their favoruite fruit will do the trick.
  7. Veggie sticks with ranch sauce: Your kids can cut a number of vegetables using a kid-friendly knife and put them into a container or bag with a lid. On top of veggies, sprinkle some ranch sauce for flavouring, and that’s it.
  8. Fruit & nuts: Teach your kids how much to scoop out from the jar. A palm full of nuts is good enough along with a piece of fruit.
  9. Guacamole and tortilla chips: If your children are fond of Mexican food then why not make some extra guacamole as part of your dinner prep one night. This can be used by your kids to make their own snack. You just need to give them a little 101  about how much of each item to use.
  10. Cheese & crackers: It’s important to show your kids how to cut cheese – I’m personally don’t like pre-sliced or pre-shredded cheese. Moreover, tell them about the number of crackers they have to use with the cheese.
  11. Fruit and veggie crisps: I have tried making these many time before and they never turn out right so this is one I would definitely buy a stash of. We love Nim’s Fruit Crisps – think apples, pears and courgettes for handy fuss free after school goodness.

healthy after school snacks

So, these are some after-school snacks that you can teach your kids to make or have on hand so they can access.  You don’t have to put in a lot of effort because children of this generation are super-smart, so they will grasp it all pretty quickly. You just have to keep things straight and simple, and your kids will learn how to make and access snacks in no time.


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Author Bio: Monica Henin, the author of this blog post is a renowned author and a food expert. She has written various blogs and articles on food tips and healthy recipes. Check out her website, www.addonkitchen.com to discover more of her work and to get inspiration regarding unique food recipes.


  1. Don’t have any kids at home full time so may have to trial these on the fiancé first! I remember my mum used to make all these amazing snacks with us when I was little. Thanks for writing this and helping share these great bonding and healthy practices

  2. Great ideas! My ten year old has just come home and started with the “I’m hungry” but being too hungry/tired (lazy) to get anything himself! Being prepared, with things they like, would save a lot of whinging, for sure!

  3. These are very good ideas – but I just realised that I love Peanut Butter but I don’t think my kiddos have tried it yet! I must rectify this at once.

  4. Amazing ideas my boys would love these especially the apple ones, they love this type of snack and I feel happier as its healthier

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