Fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Valentine's Day crafts for kids

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get crafty with the kids. There are so many super cute Valentine’s Day crafts for kids which are fun and easy to do, and let’s face it…this year we need all the distraction we can get!

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids then you have come to the right place! Here we round up a list of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids to spread the love with this Valentine’s Day. PLUS, we have the chance to win a special luxury Valentine’s Hamper from Buy A Gift below as our gift to you this Valentine’s Day….

Fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Fingerprint Heart Keepsake

The perfect kid-made gift for Valentine’s Day. Made with air-drying clay, this is a really easy and cute activity for children as young as toddlers to do. See the tutorial from The Gingerbread House here.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids
Credit: The Gingerbread House

Heart Wall Hanging

A lovely a wall hanging decoration/mobile which can be kept in place all year round and looks wonderful in a child’s bedroom. See the tutorial from Emmy’s Mummy here.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids
Credit: Emmy’s Mummy

Pipe Cleaner Beading Heart

If your kids enjoy threading beads then they will love this activity which involves making a sweet heart ornament out of pipe cleaners, beads and ribbons. See the tutorial from In The Playroom.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids
Credit: In The Playroom

Heart bird feeders

Another great use for pipe cleaners, but this time one that gives back to nature by threading cereal hoops on it! See the tutorial from Berkshire Mummies.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids
Credit: Berkshire Mummies

Chocolate Heart Lollies

What is Valentine’s Day without some chocolate in the mix? Chocolate Heart Lollies are a super sweet gift to make for Valentine’s Day and always a crowd pleaser! See the tutorial from Berkshire Mummies.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids
Credit: Berkshire Mummies

Origami Valentine

OK so origami does require a bit of patience so this one is probably better suited to older kids. This project would work well as something for the kids to make for Daddy, or perhaps even for you! See the tutorial from Kiddy Charts.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids
Credit: Kiddy Charts

Doily Heart Decoration

This is a really simple craft you can do with or without children that looks lovely hanging in the window.  You can either paint the doily black but or leave it white for a lace-like effect. See the tutorial from Midwife and Life.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids
Credit: Midwife and Life

Which of the above Valentine’s Day crafts for kids do you think you’ll give a try this year?

Fun Valentine's Day crafts for kids

And if you’re looking for more creative ideas for this Valentine’s Day why not check out our post on how to put together a Valentine’s Day photobook.


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  1. Oh these are all lovely. We’ve done the bird feeders last year but have never thought to use beads instead and have them as decorations. Going to do that this year and tie a few together like the felt hearts you’ve posted to use as decorations.

  2. I love the Heart Lollies. My kids would really enjoy making those. I would gift the Valentine’s basket to my mom.

  3. the clay finger print could be for the whole family, just make a flower with however many petals needed.

  4. I love the little doily heart decorations, but im not sure where sells them near to us? We could possibly try making our own? Or maybe make snowflakes instead with a heart in the middle? x

  5. I would like to make the heart bird feeder with the kids I babysit. I would like to gift the Valentines hamper to my family.

  6. I’d love to try the Valentine’s heart keepsake with my children and if I won the hamper I would share it with my husband.

  7. I love the idea of the heart bird feeders and then everyone benefits from watching the birds too. I would share the hamper with my darling husband

  8. Our family love wildlife so we’d like to give the heart shaped bird feeders a try. And if I won the Valentine’s Day hamper I would (of course) gift it to my wonderful husband Robert.

  9. I would like to try the Chocolate lollies with my daughter. I would give the hamper to my husband.

  10. We’d try the Pipe Cleaner Beading Heart, and I’d give the hamper to my partner as he would share it with me!

  11. Thanks for the inspiration. I have some air dry clay left from Christmas, so that will be a great activity!

  12. These are all super cute , Making cards for the ones you love is a great idea, and we will be doing that

  13. my teen sons would enjoy making the bird feeder hearts, they are a fab idea! If I won it would be for my husband, although the four of us would enjoy it!

  14. my grandchildren would love the wall hanging decorations,they love my dream catcher and those heart decorations would be ideal for them

    • My nieces would love to make the bird feeders. If I won I would share with my best galentine

  15. We’d love to make the Chocolate Heart Lollies, they look so cute and delicious! I’d gift the hamper to my mum to thank her for everything she’s done for us this year.

  16. I adore the bird feeders are adorable!My husband and I love watching birds together. If I won, I’d share the prize with my husband, of course.

  17. I would like to try and make the chocolate heart lollies. If I won the hamper I would share it with my girlfriend.

  18. There are some super cute ideas here! I would love to do the fingerprint heart with my boys <3

  19. The chocolate heart lollies and the plaster art would be so much fun and even my teen would join for the chocolate lollies haha. I have to say, as for the hamper, I would love it for a special date night for my hubby and I, even though those have been stay at home date night since covid.

  20. I’d like to make the Heart bird feeders to help the birds whilst we have all this snow. I’d share the hamper with my partner Steve.

  21. I would love to try the Fingerprint Heart Keepsake I love things that are personalised by my children. I would love to share the hamper with my family

  22. I love the Hearts Bird Feeders – we love feeding the birds and watching them from our windows!

  23. I would love to do the heart bird feeders, all the crafts look great so I’ll probably do most of them.

  24. I would love to do the fingerprint heart with my two children, what a brilliant idea. I would give this hamper to my husband.

  25. I love the heart bird feeders and the heart origami.
    The hamper would be for the family to share when we are able to meet again.

  26. Lots of innovative ways to make cool project this Valentines and our home remains a great place to get alternative materials.

  27. They all sound great and I want to try making them all, but my top one is the heart bird feeders!

    I’d love to give the hamper to my parents, as they deserve a special treat and it would cheer them up

  28. I love the bird heart beads and think the kids would love to watch the birds enjoying their efforts in the garden.
    I would keep the Valentine’s Gift hamper and share it with all my lovely family

  29. I love to try making the bird feeder with my daughter! I would gift the valentines day hamper to my sister, as she has been shielding for almost a year and is pretty fed up!

  30. I’d love to try the bird feeders! They’d be great for the wildlife in our garden.
    The hamper would be fab to share with my family (once we’re allowed to meet up) to celebrate the arrival of our newborn nephew

  31. My lad has severe learning difficulties so I think the doily decoration would possibly be the only one he could manage, he loves making things for us to hang up 🙂 I would give the hamper to my family, we’ve been shielding our son since March last year so it’s been a tough time for all of us but especially our older 2 adult children who live at home, we’re going to have a ‘Fam’entine this Sunday.

  32. I love the creative Valentines ideas. As a teacher I’m always on the look out for different activities to share with the children. We will be trying the Pom Poms and cards at home. I would love to gift The Valentines Hamper to my mum who’s an NHS paediatric nurse and deserves to feel special .

  33. Wow I love it all. In particular the bird feeder. I would give it to my grandson. Thanks for the chance to enter

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