Lie ins: Why it’s all about the reverse lie-in!

lie ins

Remember the days when you used to lounge around in bed in the morning, having been woken up naturally at the time your body felt ready (as opposed to frenzied screaming)? You felt relaxed, refreshed, in a rush for nothing. You’d lie there in deliciously snuggled up bliss (or perhaps clutching your head with a hangover) just because you could. Maybe you’d get a bit frisky, or lounge around devouring a book, perhaps munching a spot of breakfast in bed, because it was the weekend.

Ahhh…..such a beautiful scene

It’s so nice to reminisce isn’t it?

Yup, well those days or lie ins, as all us parents of young’uns know, are well and truly archived for the foreseeable.

But I shall laugh in the face of parental adversity and hereby proclaim that PARENTS! you do not need to feel cheated out of your lie-ins any longer because the reverse lie-in is here to save the day.

The reverse lie-in you say?

But what is this magical sounding ritual, I hear you ask…?

Well, for those not already in the know, instead of having your hour lounging around in bed undisturbed having woken up for the day, you simply have that blissful hour before you go to sleep instead.

Now I have to admit, this does mean throwing certain things – mainly any duties you would undertake in the evening – onto the shit heap, but trust me, it’s well worth it, even though it does make you feel like a bit of a granny. But hey, everyone loves a granny!

I have pretty much perfected the art of the reverse lie-in

on a nightly basis, and in doing so, have become good friends with my sanity. Here’s how to execute the perfect reverse lie-in, in three easy steps no less:

STEP ONE: As soon as you have cleared up dinner, hotfoot it to the shower or bath for blissful washing without shouting in your ear or  nursery rhymes on repeat to infinity.

STEP TWO: En route to bedroom, arm yourself with as many Sunday supplements or books of choice as you can jam into your arms, and if you don’t give a crap about dental hygiene (which by that point in the day, I don’t) your preferred bed munching fodder.

STEP THREE; Hop into bed, breathe a big sigh of relief, fill your mind with preferred mindless drivel, educated opinion or fictional adventures depending on your level of brain function that particular evening, and seize that hour of blissful, peaceful reverse lie-in you are entitled to parents!

OK, so it’s not quite the same as a PROPER lie-in, but most certainly better than a poke in the eye.

So hands up, are you already a reverse lie-in convert?

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  1. You had me intrigued with the title – a reverse lie-in, what is that? And then I read your post, and wow what a good idea! I’m usually on my laptop doing blog stuff, but would be nice to have a long hot shower and then lie in bed doing nothing! #sharewithme
    Sabrina x

  2. I have been known to do this! Great minds ey? Sometimes I just like the comfort of the bed and the peace… although it’s always on tenterhooks peace with the baby monitor in hand…
    It’s either that or I fall asleep in the chair in the lounge at an embarrassingly early hour because I’m so tired!

  3. Yep, totally already doing the reverse lie-in. Not every night, but some nights I just need this – like yesterday. In bed by 9pm, caught up on blogs and read a few other things, lights out at 10.30pm and slept till 7am. Felt like a newborn baby this morning, Still wouldn’t mind the occasional proper lie-in though. One can dream, right? x

  4. The couple of hours I have after I put toddler nation to bed are so important to me. Having a thought by not being interrupted every 2.5 seconds is better then sex even…just don’t tell my husband or he will try to interrupt me. I really love when he is on night shifts because then it’s total solitude! Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink…I am going to take a poke around your blog 😀

  5. Great idea! I love the reverse lie in but always end up choosing blogging, television or a glass of wine instead lol #momsterlink

  6. I get so excited about going to bed when my sons gone to sleep that I actually run up the stairs so fast I fall up them! There is no better feeling than sinking it to bed with a great book! Bliss! Much prefer an early night to a lie in!! Or maybe that’s cognitive dissonance!!!

  7. Ha ha ha! I was just telling a friend about this very thing the other day! Glad it’s not just me that can appreciate a good reverse lie-in!

  8. Love it. Great post. I fall asleep but who cares. My bed time is now the same as my oldest sons most nights. It can feel like there is no time up without children but overall I am better for it. Intriguing title, Talya. I had to read.

  9. I always try to go to bed early to have a ‘lie in’ and I love it!

    Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky hope to you see Sunday!

  10. Oh I need to do this, what a great idea! Husband and I keep saying we will have early nights (just to sleep, obvs..!) but this takes it to a new level. I love the bed fodder – I couldn’t give a crap about dental hygiene once I get past morning to be fair!

  11. I write this from my bed and its only 7.20pm, have I reversed too far? I got so enthused by the post that I abandoned my son’s bedtime routine, walked out of the room mumbling to my husband ‘I’m going to have a reverse lie-in…good luck’ I’m not sure he realises yet that it’s ‘a thing’ from the shocked look on his face. 🙂

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