10 things expectant mums need to know about child birth

need to know about child birth

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Child birth, how many horror stories do pregnant women get told? The minute you’re pregnant, everyone’s (usually exaggerated) dramatic and traumatic birth tales are coming your way! What mums to be actually need to hear are the facts, so that they are equipped with the right information to have the best birth for themselves. At The Real Birth Guide we aim to give parents to be just that, which is why we only use professional qualified midwifery staff.

The Real Birth Guide provides antenatal classes (private and group), postnatal support and KG Hypnobirthing. It was started because the directors, Bec and Jenn, had witnessed too many times the negative impact of women being given wrong information, leaving them unequipped for child birth and those early postnatal days. Instead, The Real Birth Guide  provides parents to be with the complete set information, including a ‘tool kit’ for if things go off course, thereby allowing them to feel confident and in control what ever happens.

There is no one right way, everyone labours in their own way and time

It’s about having the best possible labour for yourself and for baby, not about having the perfect ‘natural’ birth.

Birth plans…birth what!?

Write a Birth preference list as a tool to help you learn about all your options, and help your midwife learn about you. But don’t bother with a plan, often then it just puts pressure on you to have the ‘perfect’ birth and can result in a feeling of failure if it doesn’t go to plan. Don’t be afraid to ask questions questions and more questions.

The best thing you can do, is just relax in to it

Go with your body. Sounds silly right!? But your body was made to do this, so by becoming fearful or anxious we just interrupt the normal labour hormones from doing what they are supposed to do.

Using pain relief does not mean that you failed at labour

Some antenatal classes or books might make you feel like that, but every labour is different, and you have to just do what feels right for you and your baby at the time. There are no gold stars at the end for not having an epidural

Birth partners are crucial

…in how relaxed and supported you feel. So if you don’t want them there, don’t have them there. It’s fine to say “no”.

It’s very rare for a labour to be like they are portrayed on TV

Sometimes waters break and no contractions come, or contractions come and then they go again!?

Pack snacks for yourself

Light snacks, full of energy. Energy drinks are also great for the final hurdles.

Pooing in labour is just a physiological fact

Baby’s head passes over mother’s bowel, so don’t be embarrassed. It’s just what happens! “Oh my gosh, she pooed whilst giving birth!”… said no midwife, ever.

If you have a caesarean birth

…for whatever reason, please remember that it is just as much giving birth as it is giving birth vaginally. You brought a new human into the world, nice one!

After having your baby, you can bleed for up to 6 weeks

It does get lighter, and it will eventually stop!

10 things expectant mums need to know about child birth

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  1. A great informative post 🙂 Totally agree with each point you have made! Why does everyone want to tell you their horror birth stories when your pregnant and scare the life out of you?? x

  2. I absolutely hated being told the horrors while I was pregnant, and yet so many people did it. I was horrified! It would have been nice to have someone just talk to me like this and I would have felt less intimidated.

  3. This is such a good list for expectant mums, wish I had read this before having my boys! Especially no prizes for not having pain relief and the bleeding for 6 weeks afterwards!

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