Ouch! A parent’s guide to preventing and treating insect stings and bites

We all love walking barefoot on the grass in summer, watching the bees busy around doing their thing and relaxing outside on those warm summer nights. However, there is a flip side to these good times, which come in the form of insect stings.

There’s nothing like the howl of a little one having been stung by a bee, or the relentless itchy annoyance of a mosquito bite to put a downer on a summer day or evening. That’s why we’ve teamed up with bite away® – the fast and reliable way of treating bites and stings commonly caused by mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets, horseflies and other biting insects – to produce this quick guide to preventing and treating insect stings for busy parents.

First, let’s talk about prevention!

Although summer does leave us feeling a lot more easy-breezy about life in general, there are a few things you can do to help prevent insect stings in the first place. We are 100% behind the saying that prevention is better than the cure so follow these quick and simple ways of minimizing your family’s liklihood of suffering bites or stings:

  • Avoid walking barefoot through the grass where bees may sometimes be lurking on low lying clover and the like. Equally, if you’re going for a walk through longer grass, ensure legs are covered to avoid mite or tick bites.
  • When eating alfresco, be sure to cover up food, cups and cans with a napkin or similar to avoid them being like a beacon to wasps and other insects.
  • Apply a natural DEET free insect repellant to skin when spending time outside – particularly in the evening or near water.
  • Try not to use products that have a strong fragrance as these can attract insects.
  • Don’t leave your windows wide open – especially in the evening/night and definitely not with the lights on which will attract insects in – or consider putting up netting to prevent insects from entering. If it’s hot at night and you need some breeze, consider putting a fan on high speed in the room which makes it difficult for insects to fly and take aim!
  • Burn a citronella candle or some oil – both of which are excellent at repelling insects naturally.
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Treating insect stings

So you’ve done all of that and somehow someone in your family still get bitten – damn! The insects can be seriously sneaky can’t they? But someone’s been bitten or stung nonetheless. You’ve moved away from the scene of the crime, and if needed removed the stinger. Now how to avoid the drama?

Although in the past we have used insect bite cream, antihistamines and or/calamine lotion, we recently discovered bite away® which has proven to be a fantastic way of providing fast relief from the itching, pain and swelling caused by insect bites and stings by mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets, horseflies and other biting insects.

So how does it work? Simply this – it uses heat only technology to treat bites and stings, and the brief contact between the warm ceramic plate and the skin has been proven to provide relief from itching and swelling almost immediately. It’s portable, lightweight, chemical-free and can therefore be taken with you everywhere.

Within seconds it can be very easily applied to bites and stings and because the smooth contact surface consists of a ceramic plate, it can be easily kept clean and be reused safely by multiple users. It can be used by everyone from children (supervised use under 12), pregnant women and allergy sufferers.

My experience of bite away®

If there’s anyone who always gets bitten in our family, it’s always me! In the past week I have been bitten twice – once on my knee just before I was about to go to sleep (annoying!) and the subsequent time on my neck in my sleep (even more annoying!). On both occasions I reached for my bite away – and oh sweet relief! Count to three, and you go from an insanely all-consuming itch to not a smidge of an itch. Amazing! I was really impressed with the speed and level of relief it provides which is second to none – you have my word on that.

As lockdown eases and the nation gets ready to staycation, I know we’ll be counting on bite away® when we head off to the countryside to help take away the drama of Britain’s insects which will await us!

bite away® is available to buy on Amazon at £26.99 here

Do you find insect bites and stings drive you mad over the summer months? What do you think about using bite away® as a treatment? Do leave a comment and share.


  1. Very useful information on these evenings and summer days when, due to more exposed skin, it is subject to insects!

  2. You know I never considered strong fragrances attracted insects. Flowers yes, but it just hit me they could be attracted to the sweet smell of artificial scents just like we. You learn something new everyday, ay!

  3. Thanks for all these tips and recommendations! Will definitely keep this in mind next time I get bug bites

  4. Happy to know about this product. My grandson somehow gets bit by mosquitoes more than anyone else in their household. I will check if this Bite Away is available in my country. I sure hope they sell it here.

  5. These are some super useful tips! I actually didn’t know quite a few of these and they’ll definitely make my life a little bit easier this summer.

  6. I had never heard of Bite Away! These are great tips for preventing bug bites for kids.

  7. Thanks for the useful advice on how to prevent and treat insect stings. In my family, I’m always the one that bugs are drawn to! I recently got a bottle of citronella essential oil and it seems to be helping. I may have to check out the bite away too!

  8. There is nothing that can sour a fun outdoor activity like an insect sting for kids! I love your tips for helping to prevent insect stings and may have to try Bite Away too – what a cool product!

  9. We also use insect bite cream, never heard of bite away! Should definitely look into it! My son’s skin is quite sensitive so I should e extra careful!

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