GUEST POST: Private vs state school education – an honest answer!

Private vs state school education

Schooling is such a contentious issue. The never ending debate of private vs state education. People argue the smaller class sizes and facilities are some of the main reasons that they send their children to private schools.

Academics these days can be boosted by the ever-growing culture of private tutoring. Facilities can be experienced by popular weekend and after school clubs, which often hire the grounds of private schools.

We have chosen private education for all our children. In fact, we live on the same road as a state school but we would rather travel that bit extra and send them elsewhere. Well let me admit to what no one else would, let’s state the elephant in the room.

It is just sheer snobbery.

I see the children who walk home from that school, their language, their behaviour their pants halfway down their bottom, chewing gum. Thanks, but no thanks.

I know this is a gross generalisation and I know plenty of state school children who are better mannered than my own but in a democracy we have a choice. It is an unfair choice as usually it is a luxury not everyone can afford but my taxes still go state education, we do not get our money back. So I think I’ll continue having no moral dilemma about it.

Teachers in private sectors are happier. No I don’t have any studies at hand but I see it. Less staff turnover and a very low proportion of temporary staff used. Hours not wasted to disciplining unruly children or extra resources to those who first language is not English, so teachers can get on with what they are employed to do… teach.

So next time someone spurts out how private education is better, come on! State school children can reach their potential equally as well. The fact is in this material world no one wants to drive around in a ford fiesta if they can afford a Ferrari.

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