Romantic break with your partner? 9 reasons to visit Brighton!

One of our favourite things to do with your whole family is to go on a mini weekend break. Whether staying close to home or venturing on a quick trip abroad, there is nothing more to love than taking photos and making memories. As much as you adore your kids, you miss spending quality time with your other half and well you can’t remember the last time you went away on a Romantic break!

Those romantic dates you used to go on during the early stages of your relationship are well and truly gone. Your idea of a relaxing evening is tiptoeing around the house with a glass of wine in hand, in an attempt not to wake up the little ones. You are always trying to find a family-friendly place to go with your kids, but a rare occasion has popped up in which you and your husband have an entire weekend alone together for a Romantic break! 

You want to go somewhere that isn’t too far from your children for your romantic break, but still exciting enough that it feels like a real holiday. Brighton is a perfect place to enjoy a fun-filled and romantic getaway with your husband and without your kids. Here are nine reasons that will persuade you to book a train to the sunniest town in the United Kingdom (and the one the I was born in!).

Amazing sporting activities

The beautiful beachfront in Brighton offers a whole host of sporting activities if you’re looking to get some exercise during your weekend away. Swim in the sea, go sailing or have a game of beach volleyball.  You could even try edarts at Pier Nine or give surfing a go if the waves are strong, there are so many fun sporting activities to try in Brighton. If you’re feeling really brave you could even hop on a power boat ride in the sea. Make sure you book this in advance though as this tends to be a very popular attraction amongst tourists and locals.

The Royal Pavilion

Right in the centre of Brighton you will see the stunning Royal Pavilion. It is an exotic looking palace with a tonne of vibrant history behind it. Within this historic house, built for King Georgie IV, you will see hints of India and China throughout the decor. You can buy tickets online and enjoy exploring everything from the music room to the royal banqueting hall. The pavilion is also a very popular venue for weddings which just goes to show the grandeur and beauty of the building. Make sure you take your camera as you are bound to be blown away by the beauty and style of the Royal Pavilion.

Beautiful Beach Walks

As one of the sunniest towns in the UK, tourists and locals flock to the beach every single summer. Even if the weather isn’t too hot, you can still enjoy a long, brisk walk along the beachfront or along the pier. There is so much going on in Brighton that you definitely won’t be bored or stuck for choice. There are so many reasons to visit this seaside town and one of them is definitely the gorgeous beach.

Luxury Shopping In The Lanes

The luxurious vibe of the Lanes is second to none in Brighton. If you’re looking for elegance and upmarket shops then this is definitely the place to go. The narrow, cobbled streets make you feel as though you’re in a completely different town, let alone only half an hour on the train from London! From independent jewellers to quaint coffee shops, you definitely can’t miss out on the little slice of luxury that is the Lanes.

Catch a Show

The Theatre Royal Brighton is the perfect place to catch a comedy show, play or musical. Depending on what you’re into, you can find a whole host of different performances throughout the year. One of the most recent musicals at the Theatre Royal was “Priscilla Queen of the Desert.” The audiences were packed out every night and everyone in the crowd was singing along to the well-known songs such as “It’s Raining Men” and “Someone Left the Cake Out in The Rain.” Head to their website and check out what’s coming up during the weekend of your stay in Brighton. 

Be a Big Kid Again on the Pier

Stock up on change and head straight to the 2p machines, because that’s where the fun is at on Brighton pier! The smell of fresh, warm doughnuts will fill the air and you will see excitable families farting from ride to ride in a bid to make the most of a fun day at the fair. You don’t have to be with the children to go on the big wheel or check out the arcade games. In fact, it might even be more fun to experience all of this as an adult!

Cocktail Hour and Dinner

The Black Lion pub in Brighton is popular with both locals and tourists, so you have to go there for an afternoon beverage and a spot of lunch. They service classic pub food and Sunday roast dinners if you want something traditional and warming. Don’t forget to try one of the local pale ales with your meal too. There are numerous quaint bars and restaurants in the vicinity too, so you will spoilt for choice when it comes to eating and drinking out.

Ride the Railway

Since 1883 the railway has been running in Brighton. It is a fun, relaxing and gentle way to explore the beachfront of Brighton. In just 30 minutes you can see the beautiful sites of one of the UK’s most popular seaside towns. If you want to ride Volk’s Electric Railway, you will need to visit Brighton during the spring and summer months, as the train usually closes for the winter season. As the oldest working electric railway in the world, you can’t miss the opportunity to hop on board and try it for yourself. The train usually opens mid morning and runs through until five or six o’clock in the evening depending on the day you visit. You can book a ticket in advance for just £5 each, so it’s an inexpensive and fun way to pass some time whilst you’re in Brighton!

A Marvellous Movie

When was the last time you and your partner got to watch a full-length movie without being interrupted by a tiny person? Now is your chance to visit a Grade II listed building in Brighton; the Duke of York Cinema has been open since 1910 and is a must see attraction. Enjoy the vintage atmosphere and soak in every moment of peace and quiet. If you’re looking for an even more unique way to catch a movie during your weekend in Brighton, why not visit the beach? During the summer months there are popular movies on a big screen on Brighton beach. Be sure to book your tickets in advance and these events tend to be very popular.

No matter what kind of activities you and your partner are into, you will definitely find something amazing to do on a romantic break in Brighton. If you time it right you might just catch some sunshine, but it doesn’t matter if you have to go during the winter. There are still plenty of stunning sights to see and there will always be super places to shop. Enjoy a child-free weekend with the love of your life and revert back to those early years once again. Grab a cocktail in a local pub, enjoy an uninterrupted dinner and have the best sleep of your life in a cosy Air BnB or luxury hotel. Brighton is bursting with fun, culture and romance so it is definitely the perfect place for your upcoming weekend getaway.


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