Swimming essentials for children learning to swim

Swimming essentials for children

We are in the grip of an all out swimming frenzy at the moment. Having completed a couple of crash courses and now fully in the swing of a weekly swimming course our daughter is really on the brink of beginning to swim – and it’s amazing to watch! But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, to make them fall in love with swimming, there’s a few things you absolutely need to help make that journey to swimming like a little fish a little smoother. So today I’ve teamed up with Simply Swim to bring you my absolute must-have swimming essentials for children  to make sure you have everything you need to lock down your child’s swimming lessons. So here goes:

An awesome swimsuit they will love to wear

I can’t comment what boys are like, but my daughter gets VERY excited about her swimsuit. She even loves to dress up in it whenever she is not swimming! So finding a swimsuit they will love is really important. Luckily, There are some fab girls swimwear designs out there which they will come to cherish like this gorgeous Maru Girls Sweetheart Pacer Rave Back swimsuit with its adorable rabbit print (price: £21).

childrens swimwear essentials

A wetsuit for outdoor swimming

My daughter has always had swimming lessons in an amazing outdoor heated pool we have local to us, but now that the temperature is dropping, she sure is feeling it. For those learning to swim outdoors, a wetsuit like this one to help them stay warm both in and out of the pool is a must and this one is great value too (price £20).

swimming essentials for children

Some hard working goggles

There is nothing worse than goggles that won’t stay on, are uncomfy, or that constantly go foggy. Invest in a decent pair of googles for hassle free swimming – like these from Zoggs –  which are anti-fog and have an easily adjustable strap for a comfy fit (price £10).

childrens swimwear essentials

A swim cap – yes really!

Until I became a swim mum, I wondered whether these were really necessary and I can tell you now wholeheartedly that yes – they are! A child going swimming without a cap is – I now realise – a total school boy error. Hair constantly getting plastered onto their face and over their eyes, and drenched hair that takes an age to dry post swim session – argh! Much less stressful (and wet!) to pop on a swim cap…I wouldn’t be without ours now – and how can you resist when they come in such cute designs like the Speedo Sea Squad ones (price £6)!

swimming essentials for children 3

Some pool side shoes

Can there be anything worse than being a little one thinking you are going to slip over and fall over poolside? Probably not, so a good idea to have some poolside shoes and these ones from BECO are super value too (price £5).

childrens swimwear essentials 24jpg

A dressing gown

No, not any special dressing gown, just their own one from at home because they really appreciate being wrapped up in it afterwards!

childrens swimming essentials 4

And for practicing

If like me you like to go swimming in-between swimming lessons with your kiddo then there are a few items I would suggest you have at the ready to ensure they can keep practising what they are learning in-pool. These are:

A float to help them practice kicking

childrens swimming essentials 1Price: £8

Some diving sticks to reinforce that under-water confidence

childrens swimming essentials 1


and finally, a woggle to help support them in water!

 childrens swimming essentials 3

Price: £6

And a little treat for when they really nail that swimming, you may want to gift them some swimming headphones so they can swim to their favourite music….because why not!

So there you have it, my list of swimming essentials for children based on my experience as a swim mum. Is there anything you would add to this list? Do share in a comment below.

*This is a collaborative post 


  1. What a great list of essentials! I am a big swimmer and we go regularly. The one thing I don’t have is diving sticks but you’ve just given me some inspiration to buy some! Great competition too, will enter it now 🙂

  2. I love the swim suite and the cap! They are really cute! I used to swim as a kid but that was back in the 80’s and we swam in ponds and lakes or at a pool at summer camp. It’s really cool to see all the new things kids have now to go with their swimming essentials:)

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