A special birthday letter to my daughter on her 4th birthday

birthday letter to my daughter

To my darling E,

It feels like only yesterday you made your debut from inside me, when I looked down on your blood-besmirched body as it lay reassuringly on my chest for the first time. As I proudly held you in those early days in my arms as a baby for all the world to see.

We’ve certainly had our ups and downs over the last four years, but at this beautiful point, I just can’t believe the amazing little girl you have become, brimming with affection, attitude, curiosity, ┬áhumour and feistiness.

birthday letter to my daughter

I feel like we’ve arrived. That THIS right here is what being a mum and daughter is all about.

You constantly make me smile with your wacky sayings, animated facial expressions, zest for life and boundless energy, your incredible vitality and thirst for learning and do-ing. I never thought it would be possible to be as proud of, and to love a being from the bottom of my heart as much as I do with you. The seed has grown past being a shoot and is now the most glorious sunflower. And every day, you bring new meaning (and challenges!) as you shine your light on the world all around us.

birthday letter to my daughter

I wish I could freeze these moments, this age, because they are the most beautiful yet, and I know I have to just be in the moment with you as much as I can because I’ll never get this golden time with you again.

And so on this, your fourth year, the year that you will start big school, I will do everything to cheerlead you on into this new exciting phase of your life, to make you feel as secure as possible, and to nourish your self-esteem as best I can as you swim out from the little pond to the lake as you continue to flourish with independence in the big wide world that awaits you.

Happy 4th birthday E, my little super girl. You are truly amazing. I hope you always stay just that way. And yes, you can keep me forever.

birthday letter to my daughter

With more love than you could ever know, your best mummy in the whole world.



  1. Oh I just loved the ending. I’m almost heartbroken that I now have a 13yo (frankly I broke me when she turned 10!) and I feel like I just didn’t enjoy her childhood and now it’s gone. So it’s fab you’re cherishing it because it honestly is gone in a flash xxx
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