Top tips on choosing a family car + #win a Dash Cam

choosing a family car

Having a family car is beneficial when it comes to running the kids to various activities, doing the weekly food shop and heading on road trips in the school holidays. However, it can be difficult knowing which one to choose – there is so much choice, and each family has different needs. This can make choosing a family car a really hard thing to do! With that said, today I’m sharing a quick guide to choosing a family car to help you with your family car shopping!

Choosing a family car & considering your needs

Before you even think about ditching your old car or stepping into a showroom, you should consider your needs. Make a checklist and run yourself through it:

  • Seats – Is four or five seats enough, or would you be better with seven? Some cars even have eight or nine seats.
  • Boot space vs extra seats – If you’re not going to be using seven seats very often and you choose to buy a seven seat model, you could be compromising on the space of your boot.
  • How often will you use the car? – If you only need it at weekends, you can compromise on running costs for extra space. If you are using the car during the week for the school run, you’ll want something with lower running costs, and maybe extras to help you such as parking sensors.
  • Boot space – How much will you need? Estate hatchbacks tend to have more space, as do SUVs, but the awkward shape of SUVs may make the boot harder to pack.
  • Extras – Do you need to carry items on your roof like camping equipment or a bike? If so, you’ll need a car with roof rails. If you regularly go on road trips, you might want to invest in a car with a built-in sat nav.

Best Family Cars 2019

As there is so much choice with family cars, it’s impossible to say which one is the best. However, here are some of the standout vehicles to keep in mind when choosing a family car.

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb shares much of its features with the more popular Octavia model, but the Superb is better for families. It has plenty of space inside, with the boots and the back seat not compromised. The car itself is a sporty hatchback, with a luxurious interior. The boot has a 625 litre capacity, perfect for lots of luggage on a road trip.

Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is an economical choice for a family car. The Passat is well-built and spacious, and you can choose between the saloon or estate style to suit your personal choice. There’s also a hybrid engine option, as well as petrol and diesel choices.

Citroen C4 Picasso

The C4 Picasso has futuristic looks that set it apart from the rest of the vehicles in its class. It is smooth and quiet to drive, with a boot space of 537 litres, which increases to 630 litres when you slide the seats forward. The car has an electric parking brake, which frees up space in the middle to allow storage.

Nissan Qashqai

Our own personal favourite, the Nissan Qashqai has now overtaken hatchbacks to become the UK’s best selling family car. Essentially, it’s a practical SUV which operates at the cost of running a hatchback, yet which offers far more comfort than a hatchback ever could. It’s also a surprisingly quiet to drive too.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is one of the standout luxury SUVs.  There are five full sized seats in the back, and you can even fold down the back row using your phone. If you fold down all the back seats, you’ll be left with a boot space that matches up with a van in terms of capacity. The car has plenty of off-road capability, but remains comfortable to drive on the road. The only downfall to the Discovery as a family car is that it can be quite expensive, starting at £44,000.

Volvo XC90

The XC90 is an alternative to Land Rover in terms of a family SUV. It offers great safety features, such as seatbelt tightening when the car detects rough road territory and automatic braking technology if the driver pulls out in front of someone. Climate control, leather seats, a sat nav and LED headlamps come as standard with this model. The five seats in the back can also comfortably accommodate adults up to 5ft 7in, making it a great option for a car that will grow with your family.

Leasing a Family Car

When choosing a family car, if money is tight and you are wondering how to afford a family car, why not try car leasing? Leasing allows you to pay a deposit, followed by a monthly fee in exchange for driving the car with a set mileage. If you go over that mileage, you have to pay per mile. The only disadvantage of leasing is that you will never own the car, but if you like to change your car regularly, or have it grow with your family, this could be seen as an advantage.

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choosing a family car

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  1. Well the car would have to forefill all our needs, Enough room in the boot for luggage etc. Savvy on petrol I personally like a car that’s got a good reputation…Also within our budget. Ample room for when all the family is in with there car seats whatever. And also insurance if this goes way beyond our budget it’s a no no!

  2. Size, we needed a 7 seater, safety, reliability, tech. We ended up buying a hyundai Santa fe – really pleased so far!

  3. I like to be able to flip seats up and down to suit passengers, shopping and ferrying various large and small dogs about, so versatility, cost, fuel economy and safety are key for me.

  4. Reliability, price, practicality, fuel economy, safety features, etc :- Are main aspects I consider when considering purchasing a car for family use.

  5. We have been discussing this tonight actually & the main factors arising are the size of the car as there will 3 people driving it & the price of the car. There’s two disabled members driving so we need to make sure that they can operate the car safety too.

  6. It would need to have a good safety rating and fuel economy, low emissions, reasonable service and maintenance costs whilst also being comfortable for our family to travel in.

  7. We look for fuel economy, comfort and safety. Each month we do a long round trip drive from Merseyside to south London to visit our daughter and granddaughter, so it’s key that we are safe and comfortable, and that the trip is not too expensive.

  8. Safety is hugely important for me, but so is space. I always consider whether the rear seats fold down to allow more space for moving large items. I also want the boot space to be large enough for buggies and all the other stuff we need to carry.

  9. I have a few things a car has to have. Large boot, proper seats, rather than a bench, seats have to be leather to stop sticky hands ruining cloth. It also has to be a higher up car, so its easier to get in/out of it.

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