Keeping the family car clean inside: Tips & tricks

family car clean

If your family car is anything like ours it will get used A LOT. Typical usage of a family car includes driving to school, driving to work, going to the shops, taking the kids over to their friends and visiting family.

It is no surprise then that this heavy usage can result in the interior looking a little worse for wear after a few long journeys with crumbs everywhere and goodness knows what else stuck to the seats and floors!

There is nothing worse than a messy and even smelly family car interior until you realise enough and enough and it needs a jolly good clean so here are a few cleaning tips.


First up, you should put rules in place which will minimise mess and these must be followed (even by mum and dad!). I am a big believer in rules…simply because they work!

These rules could include taking everything that is yours out of the car once you leave, never leaving rubbish and not eating food in the car – or whatever makes sense for your family. It is often food wrappers, drinks bottles and similar items that make the car so messy so try to eliminate these from the car where possible.

Regular Cleaning

It is easy to forget to clean the car as you only ever think about it when you are on your way somewhere. Try to schedule in regular cleaning of both the interior and exterior to keep it fresh, welcoming and clean. You could even get the kids to do this for a little extra pocket money.

Stay Organised

Every compartment in the car should have a purpose. If you have a lot of documents then it is helpful to keep these in a wallet which you can then keep in the car door or in the glove compartment.

Seal the Gaps

The gaps between the car seat and the centre console can cause a real problem and it can be early impossible to retrieve items from here. How many times have you almost got your arm stuck trying to do so!!!? You can get handy covers for these areas so that you will never lose spare change, snacks or your phone ever again.


It can be nearly impossible to keep a car clean when you have a dog or if you have kids who are active and drag mud into the car after football, cycling etc. Having covers can help to keep the car much tidier and you could also make kids take off their shoes or remove the mud before getting in the car.

In addition to making the car a more pleasant place to be, it is also important to keep the interior as clean as possible if you decide to sell the vehicle. When people buy used cars from dealers like AA Cars they will want the vehicle to feel new and not like it has been lived in before which is hard when it has a messy, dingy and smelly interior.

It may seem like an impossible task to keep the family car clean but with a few rules and regular cleaning you can help it to stay fresh and welcoming .

Do you struggle to keep the family car clean? Or perhaps you have some other tips and tricks to share on how to fight the mess? Do leave a comment and share.


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