The only children’s party planning checklist you’ll ever need!

children's party planning checklist

If you’ve found this children’s party planning checklist because your little has a birthday coming up then you’re in the right place! With a little bit of time and organization, a children’s party doesn’t have to be a major stress which leaves you huffing “never again!”. Instead, follow this party planning checklist and you will be gliding through the main even like a pro…

Eight weeks before

  • Pick a theme with your child
  • Rough out the guest list
  • Reserve your party venue and or entertainer – note, if they are hugely popular you may have to do this a lot earlier than eight weeks before!

Four weeks before

  • Revisit the guest list – let your child make any changes
  • Prepare and send your invitations – if you’re using paper invitations check out otherwise I love Canva for designing digital invitations
  • Work out what games and activities will be included during the party, in line with the theme
  • Research and order cakes (unless you’re making one or doing a supermarket job in which case this can be done later)
  • Beg and borrow friends and family members to help and get it locked into their diary

Three weeks before

  • Research and stock up on party supplies for party games, activities, decorations, party bags and contents, tableware etc – if you’re ordering online note that you definitely want this buffer! If you’re buying in store, you have a bit more breathing room.

Two weeks before

  • Create an outline for the party – so you know what will happen when. This is more so you know the flow of how the party will go, as opposed to a full on schedule.
  • Order any additional party supplies you may need – you will almost certainly think of other things!
  • Make a list of food for the party
  • Chase up any outstanding RSVPs

In the week preceding the party

  • Buy party food – remember to think about both the children and adults
  • Reconfirm any extra helping hands you may have roped in
  • Create a “party box” including all the decorations, supplies, and other useful things for the day – things like sellotape, gaffer tape, blu tac, pens, scissors, first aid kit, phone charger, bin bags etc

One or two days before

  • Pick up your cake or if you’re baking it – get baking!
  • Prepare food for the day
  • Breathe!

You nailed it!

One week after

  • Follow up with thank you notes!

I can personally vouch for the fact that following this children’s party checklist will leave you feeling a lot less stressed about the otherwise crazy than organising a children’s party can be. As I write this we are just entering this cycle for my daughter’s next birthday so off I go to work through my list.

Do you use a children’s party planning checklist? Or are you a freestyle kind of mama party planner? Do share in a comment below. You may also enjoy these creative children’s party ideas ideas.


*This is a collaborative post


  1. Great list. Mine are all getting a bit older and instead of parties we tend to go out somewhere for the day. Planning a party is very stressful, but I can see how this list would really help reduce that.

  2. Now thats one great and very handy checklist ! i need to get better at planning as i always leave things to last minute kind regrds Pati Robins

  3. I’m still traumatised by my son’s birthday party last year. It wasn’t very big, or fancy, just 8 boys (including my two), some cake, and old fashioned party games. But all they wanted to do was beat each other up with balloons! Oh, the noise – felt like about 100 kids! This year he gets to invite his two best friends to the cinema.

  4. it really is hard to prepare for a bday party sometimes, good thing that I read this article, thanks for aski

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