How to take better photos of your kids

Do you love snapping photos of your kids, but sometimes feel that you aren’t able to really capture them at their best? Photographing kids can be challenging, but there are several ways that you can take photos that are a lot more meaningful and look much more impressive. Here are out top tips for taking better photos of your kids:

Get Down on Their Level

The first thing that you should do is stop standing up and taking photos of your kids from your eye-level. Instead, you should go down to their eye-level by crouching or maybe even lying on the floor.

You can take better photos of your kids by getting down to their level, you’ll capture less of the top of their heads and more of their faces, expressions, and actions. On top of that the photos will look less skewed than an overhead perspective would.

If you’re snapping a photo of a group of kids, try to position yourself at the eye-level of the tallest child.

Less Posed, More Candid

Trying to get your kids to pose for a photo can be frustrating. Kids are generally not the most cooperative of models, and if you ask them to stand still, face the camera, and smile – they’ll probably do anything but that.

The good news is that you don’t need your kids to pose for shots in the first place. Some of the most impressive photos of kids that you can capture will be candid moments, so you should focus on discreetly snapping shots of them while they are playing or engaged in activities instead.

The candid shots that you capture will look a lot more natural, and really showcase your kid’s range of expressions and emotions.

Try Shooting in Burst Mode

When trying to take better photos of your kids, one of the most useful camera modes that you can use for photographing kids is the burst mode – which is also sometimes known as the continuous or rapid-fire mode.

If your camera has this option, you should try it out. When you press the shutter, it will take several photos in quick succession – and you can then choose the best one from among them.

By using the burst mode, you stand a better chance of capturing your kids when they are truly at their best. It will let you get fleeting expressions and subtle movements that you may not be quick enough to capture otherwise.

The only downside is that you’ll end up with lots of photos – so be sure you have extra storage with you, and take the time to sort through it all later.

Get Close, But Try Not to Disrupt

Getting closer to your kids can help you to ‘zoom in’ and capture more detail than you could if you stand far away. However when you do you should take care that you don’t disrupt or distract your kids from what they’re doing.

The alternative is to use the zoom feature on your camera – but you should only do so if it has optical zoom. Generally the photo quality of digital zoom will leave a lot to be desired, which is not what you want.

Final Words

It can be useful to try Movavi Photo Editor for Mac, and you can visit the site if you want to do so. With its features you’ll be able to enhance the shots that you capture of your kids, remove unwanted elements, reframe the composition, apply artistic filters, or even add stylish captions. Another thing you want to investigate is photography backdrops for children which can be a nice addition to your photos.

Now that you know what you need to do to take better photos of your kids – try it out. The more you take photos of your kids the better you’ll get, and the more used they’ll get to the camera as well.


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