A family photoshoot in your own home with Trevor Aston Photography

Every so often, I think how much I would love to book a family photoshoot to capture the family together in a way that I never possibly could.

Then I think about the fact that most family photoshoots require you to either go to a studio or out on location.

Here’s the thing – I know that while that all sounds lovely, I know that the reality will be people out of their comfort zone, and therefore potentially little people not playing ball, or perhaps even the weather not playing ball!

The solution?

A family photoshoot in your own home

Cue Trevor Aston Photography, a portrait photographer based locally to me in South West London who recently came to our own home to photograph our family.

I realised we hadn’t had a family portrait since my daughter was two and now that she is going to be turning six this year and growing up so fast I really wanted to capture her as the little lady she now is. I also wanted to include my own mum for whom the hands of time are speeding up dramatically.

family photoshoot

A relaxed experience

It was a lovely relaxed Sunday afternoon when Trevor came over to do our photoshoot. He was really quick to set up, and really knew how to make everyone feel at ease.

The fact that it was in our home made it an absolute dream as everyone was 100% comfortable in their environment. Even Mr C, who is not a photo ready kind of guy, and my mum who was extremely reluctant to participate in the run up to the photo shoot were happy.

I breathed a massive sigh of relief because hey! I am no super mum and have to admit to feeling a little bit anxious about how it would all go on the day.

family photoshoot

A real family snapshot

We were all in agreement that we wanted something that looked fairly natural. Thankfully the Lego was already out on the table as it always is, and with that Trevor expertly guided us into very natural poses using our kitchen table and the Lego nas a focal point.

I really loved that because it really is so representative of our life – rather than something more staged.

family photoshoot

A Sunday to remember

The photos are the perfect commemoration of our family as it stands right now, and I have already been busy turning them into prints and gifts using Smartphoto.co.uk – stay tuned for the upcoming post on that!

If you’re thinking of booking a family photoshoot I would strongly recommend looking into doing one in your own family home because it brings a beautiful relaxed dynamic to the experience which really shines through into the photography.

Also the to-your-door experience means that not only is it super convenient but also very practical in that it only takes an hour of everyone’s time.

Making everyone at ease

I’d like to also add that Trevor is really lovely and my sometimes reluctant daughter felt instantly at ease with him, which made everything so much more enjoyable. He really knew how to photograph children. I still can’t believe he let her have a go with his camera!!

I asked him what his secret was and he said:

“It has to be a fun, or no-one’s going to smile! Children will always be at least wary, if not downright suspicious so it’s important to speak to them straight away, with a smile in your voice as well on your face.

Ask their advice about the best place to take the picture, who should sit where, who’s going to be the most naughty! You have to start taking pictures as quickly as possible, while the kids are still curious.

Sometimes one of the parents isn’t very keen on being in the photograph. If they’re not going smile don’t make too much effort to win them round. Instead, make them the brunt of your jokes, the kids will love it. Once and they’re laughing, most parents will too!”

Interested in learning more about family photography? Why not check out this Beginner’s Guide to Family Photography to help get you started?


*We were gifted a family photoshoot with Trevor Aston Photography. All opinions are my own.


  1. Ahh these photos are gorgeous Talya! They really look great and so natural, that’s the kind of photos I love as it’s the real side of your family when you look back. Trevor sounds like a great photographer who really knows his stuff!

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