Top tips for travelling to California

travelling to California

Are you considering taking a trip down to California? This gorgeous state is one of the most famous in the US for people on holiday. You’re extremely likely to have an amazing time in California if you can just follow some basic rules. The sunny state isn’t nearly as warm as you might think. Temperatures can be fickle creatures, especially in the south. Take the time to read through these awesome travel tips and have the best possible California experience you can.

Always Bring Layers of Clothing Along

If you’re considering packing light for your trips to the beaches of Cali, think again. While it is true that a nice sunny day can feel far hotter than it actually is, the opposite is true for overcast days. When the sun is gone, the weather can be very chilly indeed. A tank top will not be enough to keep you warm in weather like this. Even in the summer, foggy mornings can leave you shivering in your hotel room wondering why the world is so cruel. Fog is more common in the Bay Area than in the south, though. Always have a sweater handy in case you need it.

Surfboards are Unnecessary Luggage

Are you going to California for the surf? Well, you don’t have to bring that surfboard along. In fact, you don’t need any of the beach gear you’re packing up right now. Your hotel or nearby surf shops have all the equipment you could possibly need. For the kids, you can buy toy shovels, sandcastle frames, sunscreen and everything else for low prices near the beaches. Don’t bother bringing any equipment that will weigh you down on the drive or flight to the state.

Visit the Theme Parks

Theme parks are among the best attractions California has to offer. If you’re here for the surf, that’s fine, but take the time to visit at least one of the many parks in the state. You can usually get your kids in free or for a discounted price, although admission can be a little pricey. The crowds are huge indeed, so you should buy your tickets online for the best experience without having to wait in line for a few hours. Before you go, make sure you know how tall your kids are. There are so many stories of lines getting held up because some angry parent denies that their child is taller than the maximum. Argh!

Go Skiing in the Winter

California has some of the best slopes in the country in the wintertime. If you’re visiting here when the snow is falling, be sure to check out the ski resorts. Many of them are family-friendly for a more inclusive experience. Hit the powder and blaze some trails!

This is probably one of the best states to visit in the US and finding a beach rental is pretty easy and affordable. Regardless of the time of the year, you’re bound to have an amazing time. Take the time to book your treats online for a better experience. Remember not to weigh yourself down unnecessarily.

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