Threenager parenting: 10 things that make up the ridiculousness of a threenager

So we are now a few months into the three year old aka the threenager parenting stage and I have to say….it does have a special combination which makes the threens a particularly delightful challenge as a parent. Let me break it down for you here with a little help from some unlikely suspects whose attributes  seem to be embodied in the threenager (or at least mine):

1. The total CRAZY of  the Tazmanian Devil



2. The random musings of a famous philosopher or professor (aka Professor Dumbledore)



3. The madness of Animal from the Muppets



4. Some Jay Z swagger


5. The bumbling lunacy of Basil Fawlty


6. The kamakaze-ness of Charlie Sheen


7. The diva-dom of Mariah Carey


8. The cuteness of an over excited puppy


9. The unrelenting affection of a mad cap Elf


10. The sulkiness of Bart Simpson


Put it all together and what have you got?


Worse than a toddler? You decide.

Does this describe your threenager? What other attributes would you add? Come share this could be fun!

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  1. Oh this is my life!! Usually I call her the tiny terrorist, but threenager is mich nicer. She’s absolutely adorable which is possibly the only reason we haven’t sold her yet.

  2. Sounds about right! My boy wasn’t too bad with 3, just odd moments. The Girl however at 11 months cried her eyes out this morning because I wouldn’t let her put her hands in the toilet, she’s going to be fun, I can tell already! #coolmumsclub

  3. You got it! Mine only turned 3 in the last month and she is already displaying diva like emotional meltdowns and hilariously cute ramblings. I have also started to have to make up on the spot terrible answers to questions I didn’t expect to be asked such as why can’t she use tampons like mummy…arrrghhh! #coolmumsclub

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