Why are 13 year old girls seeking Botox treatment?

13 year old girls

No, this is not click bait. This is a real and very worrying truth. Girls as young as 13 years old are seeking Botox treatment.

I read this shocking news yesterday and became awash with emotion. My first reaction was disbelief – how could they, why would they? That was followed by an extreme sadness. Sadness that any 13 year old could be so dissatisfied with herself that they would consider going to such extreme measures.

These emotions were swiftly followed by anger. Anger at the industries involved and our nation’s growing obsession with celebrity culture – the latter of which is becoming increasingly influential over young minds.

Let’s be real about this. Girls do not need this, or any kind of treatment at this age. They are beautiful! They are still developing and forming, and a far cry from what they will probably end up being as a woman.

13 year old girls

Girls need to understand that what they are seeing is NOT REAL. That things like Botox are not real, and that filters are not real. They need to step away from social media and look at REAL people’s faces.

We can not and should not let girls growing up see this as their normal. It is the furthest away from normal that they can possibly comprehend.

Over and above everything I want to know is WHO are these people that are granting a consultation to 13 year old girls to discuss Botox? These people either have no soul, or are raging heathens.

Regulators MUST sit up and pay attention. Currently there is no legal age limit for having Botox, but in my eyes. There should be. Not purely on moral grounds but also because did you know that Botox injections in the forehead rearrange the brain’s sensory map of the hands? That is scary stuff. If it already does that, imagine what else it might be doing…..

This all goes down to the same issue. Girl’s self esteem as at an all time low. The dizzying influences of life and social media keeps fanning the flames. I had previously written that I would like to see the age limit for social media use be upped to 18. Let’s now add to that list that Botox – and any other similar treatments – should have an age limit enforced too.

13 year old girl

That age limit should – without a shadow of a doubt – be 18.

What do you think of this sad news? Do leave a comment and join the debate.



  1. I think influencers on places like Instagram have too much power over young people! Some other things like diet pills and shakes are getting so popular because some Z-list celeb off love island has promoted it.

  2. I think it is very sad. I think magazines for teenagers should have to disclose if pictures have been airbrushed or photoshoped. Botox is a dangerous drug and should definitely be regulated. I also parents of teenagers have some responsibility to ensure girls have enough self esteem not to feel they need this.

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