Why we’re slowly going organic

going organic

I have to be honest, when the whole organic movement started I was HIGHLY skeptical. Truth be told, I thought – pah! organic? What’s wrong with our ordinary produce? Why would I pay that much more for something just because it had the word organic on the label?

Oh how times have changed.

Over the last coupld of years or so, I have been absolutely alarmed about some of the things I have read concerned the food industry. Of cows milk containing a cocktail of chemicals, of GM crops and the increasing use of pesticide¬†and don’t even get me started on all the recent food scandals.

When did eating and drinking become so….dirty?

I am a huge foodie….but I just don’t want to feel like I’m dumping a tonne of chemicals into my body every time I consume something – after all, our environment provides us with enough of those.

So little by little, I have been switching over to organic produce. Not everything – but some things. Things which I know really can have a tendency to soak up lots of chemicals – like carrots, potatoes and apples for instance and items that can’t be peeled. And anything dairy because I have a deep suspicion of what goes on with the milking (and indeed, over-milking) practices of cows.

I can’t afford to go completely organic, so have to choose my battles here. But each week on my shop, I switch another couple of regular items over to organic, in the hope that the more organic items I have in my basket, the less nasties I’ll be inflicting on my family because ultimately, I just trust organic farming and production methods way more than I ever could do of the standard ones. And everything counts in my book.

The little by little approach feels better from a financial point of view because rather than a massive hike in the cost of our regular shop, it just creeps up slowly…a little like inflation….but just that this is “organic” inflation.

So I have eaten my words of a few years ago. It’s no longer pah! organic, what’s that…but more, now where’s the organic version of that?

What is your standpoint on the organic debate? Do you eat organic at all? Are you entirely organic? Or do you just tend to include a few organic items in your regular shop? Leave a comment below and share.

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  1. I totally see the importance of not only what I put in my own body, but more importantly, what the kids put in theirs. I do try and buy organic products where I can, but I’ve also heard so many things about how large organisations are getting around calling things organic when the animals/crops really aren’t treated any better. I am most definitely a label reader – any E numbers and they are off the list, or too many weird looking things are also a no-go! Where I can, I make it from scratch, which always eases my conscience a little, too! Well done to you for making a fabulous choice for you and your family!
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  2. Yup, organic is best! I struggle to get organic as we are trying to save and it does push up the price. We are vegan so we don’t even touch cow milk. In my mind I just want to be all organic, so going to start growing veg this year to help that, and hopefully save a few pennies!

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