15 epic parent fails that will make you totally cringe

epic parent fails

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world…and when you’re responsible for doing one of the hardest jobs in the world, much like any Prime Minister or President, there will come some pretty epic fails along with it….except in parenting it usually involves vom, poo and breast milk rather than tipping the whole world onto its edge (well, apart from in your own house maybe). I asked fab fellow parenting blogger to share some of their epic parent fails to make you feel a lot better about yours!

The breastfeeding fail

Trying to be confident when breastfeeding for the first time in public when really I was fumbling around unsuccessfully trying to get the baby latched on and spraying the coat of the gentleman next to me with breast milk. We were in Costa Coffee and I was trying to get my fiancés attention so we could leave but he was stuck in the queue with his back to me so I just wiped it off with a muslin cloth and prayed nobody saw! – Confessions of a Working Mum 

The sick in hair fail

Going out for lunch with your newborn to meet your friends for the first time, and not realising you have baby sick in your hair!  – Tattoed Tea Lady 

The nappy checking fail

Checking baby’s nappy by sticking your fingers in the back and coming up with brown fingers! – That Mummy Blog 

The mufty day fail

Sending your child to school in uniform on non-uniform day. Oh the shame! – Mummy Times Two  

The baby falling off the bed fail

Everyone’s had their baby accidentally fall off the bed, right? It’s not just me? Really hope that is a rite of passage as that’s the only way I’ve been able to cope with the guilt! – Little Pickles Mom

The leaving your child somewhere fail

This happened only a few weeks ago, my husband dropped the eldest at school walked back to the car which is a 5 min walk from the school to realise he’d left our youngest daughter in the playground in her pushchair. He ran back and found her with the headteacher. – All The Beautiful Things

The swear word fail

The first time you hear your kid say “shit” when they drop something and you know they learned it from you. – The Mum Reviews  

The epic poo fail

Leaving baby nappyless after their bath whilst running into another room to collect some clothes and coming back to poo ALL OVER THE FLOOR. He had stood in it, squished it into the carpet and continued to poo as I quickly scooped him up to throw him in the bath. – Mummy to Dex

The chucking baby in the air fail

Chucking baby up and down and laughing.. until baby vomits into thee chuckers open mouth. I have seen this happen with all 3 of my children. – Mummy and Mouse 

The floater fail

The baby shitting in the bath. It happens to us all sooner or later. Just hope you aren’t in with them when it happens. – Nomi Palony  

The dog bowl fail

When you catch the kids eating from the dog bowl. All four of mine have done it.  – Five Little Doves 

The lost in translation fail

When your 11 year old tells you he wants to be an ambulance driver because he is good at masturbating people…..he insisted I had told him that…..it turns out he means calming people down. I haven’t laughed so much in my life!!!! – Just Average Jen 

The escalator fail

Trying to push your child up the escalator in the pram and then chickening out as soon as you get on and deciding to step off and pull the pram down instead.  It was horrendous and some woman ran over and shouted at me for being so irresponsible. – Georgina Clarke Blog 

The sound of silence fail

When the kids are really really quiet and as you start worrying they might be up to no good, you realise one of them has chopped off all of her sister’s hair… 3 days after they’ve had a haircut! – Le Coin De Mel  

The police calling fail

When your two year old locks himself in the house house with you on the outside and having to call the police. Not one of my best moments. – Ellamental Mama 

So how many of these epic parent fails have you racked up? Do leave a comment and share below.

15 epic parenting fails that will totally make you

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  1. Brilliant, we have done most of these! Probably most dramatic was my Italian Husband singing his national anthem (during a footie match) enthusiastically while bouncing our baby son up and down to the music. Vomit followed! We were amateurs at this stage! Wouldn’t happen again 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for sharing our haircut disaster (or shall we call it creative session?)! Never ever trust a quiet child. Ever!

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