10 ways exercise benefits your skin

exercise benefits your skin

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It’s a no brainer that exercise is extremely good for your health because it results positively on the state of your bones, skin, and blood. During a workout, your body gets a boost of oxygen, so that all the cells of your body are supercharged. It’s common knowledge that if a cell doesn’t get the necessary amount of oxygen or water, it dies and wrinkles appear. So, the good news is not only can we prevent our body from becoming old with regular exercising, but also our skin too. Here are 10 other ways exercise beneficially affects your skin:

Glowing and Soft Skin

When you do physical exercise, the natural oils of your skin are produced which helps your skin to look supple and healthy. The natural oils moisturize your skins leaving it soft and glowing in the aftermath.

Protection from Bacteria

If you exercise regularly, the function of the sweat glands are increased, as are the renewal of cells. It is really necessary to have a shower after the workout to wash away the dead cells and toxins. As a result, your pores will be protected from bacteria which can clog up pores otherwise. 

Smooth Skin

If you exercise on the regular basis, your muscles become toned. These muscles help your skin look healthier and better. Besides, the appearance of cellulite can be prevented with repeated exercise due to the overall improvement of the tone and release of tension in muscles.

Help with Skin Problems

The doctors claim that if you have skin problems, that does not mean that you shouldn’t exercise. There are so many benefits out of exercising, which can outweigh any existing problem. Many patients claim that their condition and the way they feel has improved since they began exercising.

Anti-Ageing Effect

When you exercise, the blood flows to your brain, which improves memory and reasoning. Also, exercise increases the strength and the size of muscles. Hence, your skin would be less vulnerable to age-related issues because it will be toned.


Strength training  helps improve your posture  but that’s not all… The good news is we can work on our face muscles specifically if if we laugh a lot, sing loud, or lift our eyebrows.

Less Fat

Regular training helps the body burn all unnecessary fat quickly – especially HIIT training.  However, weighing less is not the only thing you may enjoy -burning fat influences your skin vitality and youthfulness too. 

Clear Skin

The other thing, which you might benefit from is improved digestion. It becomes radically improved after exercising and there is an intrinsic link between healthy digestion and healthy skin.  

Looking Better when You Wake Up

Exercising influences sleep and makes it better -and when you sleep, your body produces collagen, which makes you look wrinkle free, fresh and youthful!

Happy mind, happy skin

Exercise can help to get rid of depression and stress. This happens because your brain releases dopamine and serotonin after the workout, which relieves anxiety and stress. The mind-skin connection is a strong one so a healthy mind equals happy skin.

To sum up, our skin is the reflection of all the chemical processes which take place in our body. So, isn’t it better to help our body function properly with doing some exercises and sweat a little bit? 

Written by Francesca Russo http://thecrossfitshoes.com/


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  1. Thanks Talya for your sound info.A glowing and pretty skin is always highly demanded. We use different creams and apply several techniques to look brighter and attractive.Your tips are really worthy and valuable which adds some extra mileage on my skin care.A glowing skin needs to require some serious brainstorming to determine the best outcome. .I found your article more interesting and useful as a tool which could help me to get a gentle and softer skin.

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