Busy mum? 6 ways to fit exercise into your schedule

fit exercise into your schedule

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Are you really intending to do exercises and be fit again but cannot do it due to busy schedules? Well, this is true for most mums nowadays. In reality, being a mum is a very challenging and difficult task to do on a daily basis. Not only you oversee everything is going well with your family but you also see to it that each and everyone in the family is being well taken care of.

With all of these things in your plate as of the moment, there are times that you can no longer include the activities you wanted to do for yourself. No matter how hard to keep up with yourself and plans to stay in shape and get to the gym, there are just cases that you cannot due to your  busy schedule.

By and large, most mums can relate to this. Fortunately, there are convenient and effective ways you could to fit your exercise into your schedule. These ways are actually proven and tested over the years since mums who are enthusiasts of different fitness activities tend to do these:

Plan your week in advance

Although you always plan things out, there are just times that these plans don’t go your way or the way they supposed to be. What you can do is to actually sit down, pause for a moment, and write specifically all your plans and goals for the coming week.

Make sure in these writings you include the general and specific plans of actions and leave no details out as much as possible. In this way, you could efficiently execute your plans and to-do lists by the coming week. Try to look for the idle hours wherein you could do whatever you want. Instead of watching television, why not try to replace it with the workout you are planning to do. 30 to 60 minutes of exercising daily will not hurt badly your regular schedule.

Set your alarm early

Now as for a busy mum who really wants to have an active lifestyle, it does not mean you need to cut your sleep for a sweat session in the early morning. It is very much recommended for you to try to sleep early and set your alarm clocks as early as possible without hampering the length of your sleep and rest. Try to wear your base workout outfit at night so that when you wake up, you could straightly and directly go to your workout session.

Include your kids

Being an active mum does not mean that you will strain yourself. Yes, you will be tired and your body will be challenged for a good purpose. The best way you could do is to actually include the family especially your kids to your workout routines. Not only this will benefit your fitness and health but also will cater the same benefits to your family. In addition, this is a great form of bonding with them. Aside from implementing a healthy and fit lifestyle to your family, you are actually building a strong connection with your kids.

Find a workout friend

In your neighbourhood, it is very usual that you will find mums that have the same condition and concern as yours. As mentioned, most mums tend to have this kind of dilemma on an average basis. Why  not make friends with a mum-neighbour and invite them to your workout sessions so that you will be both motivated since you look out for each other during your fitness and workout routines.

You could spend 30 minutes every afternoon with your chosen workout friend and do simple routines on exercise bikes to help with weight loss and general fitness.

Be a workout ninja

 One great attitude you could practice and implement on a daily basis is being a workout ninja! You have to make every little thing count regularly. For instance, you could actually turn your commuting periods to and from work into a great workout routine. Instead of riding public vehicles or your own car for a ride, try to practice brisk walking and even jogging!

Choose something over nothing

Alongside the attitude of being a workout ninja, you have to make sure that you always choose “something” instead of “nothing”. Every single thing you do regularly and daily can be largely turn into a great form of exercise.

When you do chores in your garden or even in your laundry, you could actually do several simple stretches that can well improve your posture and fitness state. This is only one great example wherein you choose to be active in all things possible that may come your way.

Now, it may seem daunting and challenging to include and take note all of these things. However, you could easily execute these ways and even perfect it all with the right mind, practice, and knowledge. Eventually, you will reach your fitness goals in no time even on a busy schedule.

So how do you fit exercise into your schedule? Do you do any of the above? Or perhaps you have your own tips? Do share in a comment below.

6 ways to fit exercise into your schedule as a busy mum

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Jennifer O’Neal is a lifelong cyclist, enjoying the thrill of an outdoor ride as much as the one on her indoor cycling bike. She regularly contributes to allexercisebikes.net, a leading provider of exercise bike reviews and education.


  1. There are some great ideas here, when I was working as a child minder keeping fit was easy I was carrying or running around after children all week I always thought that I would never suffer from bingo wings, sadly I was wrong as suffering a stroke now means that I have no use of my left arm

  2. What great tips, especially the “chose something over nothing”. I am more often than not a nothing kind of girl, but the warm weather is such an incentive to get out for a long walk with the dog.

  3. Lots of great tips! I certainly don’t workout enough, so once our second baby is born (any day now!) then I’m hoping to include the children in exercise 🙂

  4. Play no your schedule to include exercise sounds like a good idea. Once we settle down here I’m planning on a late afternoon evening swim in the pool a few times a week to up my exercise. It just depends on hubby being about to look after the boy!

  5. […] Keep in mind the days when you could pop to the gym 3 times a week– those days PRIOR TO you became a mum? Quick forward five years, motherhood occurred, and the way I keep fit has actually changed significantly. I can no longer devote to keeping fit in the exact same way that I utilized to– and I hesitate to spunk tough earned money on a fitness center membership I will seldom utilize. To this day, physical fitness has therefore been a YouTube affair for me. Up until I found out about the new physical fitness on demand app Esquared Fitness which would enable me to access health clubs without membership whenever I had the time to slip it in, along with lots of fitness classes too.I’m extremely much an on demand kind of mom– I do practically all my non grocery shopping on Amazon Prime, and just view exactly what I’m genuinely into on Netflix. So to also allow my fitness to be on demand too– read: when and where I get the chance– makes ideal sense to me.The weekend just gone was simply the chance. Mr C had the little for Saturday morning, and I had prepared to head over to Wimbledon in the morning to obtain stuff done plus sneak in a cheeky little H&M and also capture in some fitness! […]

  6. I aim to spend more time simply moving and not sitting. I already walk everywhere that takes less than thirty minutes and I’ll continue to do that. I don’t believe in spending money signing up for the gym.

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