My mission to be a fit mum with GymCube

fit mum

Hello there! For those who might not have caught it a week ago I am on a mission to be a fit mum (and stay one!) so I wanted to give you a little update on how my fitness journey has been doing, you know…in case you wanted to give me a little virtual fist bump (oh go on, pllllllease!)

I’ve just completed the 7 Day Kick Start with GymCube which I feel I have learnt an absolute truck from! It’s really helped start me out on the right foot and lay some solid foundations for what I hope will be a new fit mum….

fit mum

This week I’ve:

  • Measured, weighed and photoed….as proof of where my fit mum journey started
  • Established my current fitness level….which it turns out was not as dire as I thought….hallelujah!
  • Tried a few workouts….including a fat burning workout, a toning workout (yes, my bum was on fire!) plus an urban dance workout.
  • Learnt all about how to give my nutrition a massive overhaul including testing my macros and calculating and monitoring my calories, so I can ease in with my first week of recipes and menu plans….but phew! happy to hear that I can take an 80:20 approach with this all….because although I want to be fit, I also want to be human.

So now that’s all done. I’m all set up and ready to get stuck into my Strengthen and Define Plan and all that’s left to be said is….

fit mum

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