How to keep your fitness intentions this year

fitness intentions

So January has been and gone, and was awash with promises to ourselves with our fitness intentions for the year ahead, but a month in….how are those intentions doing? You will notice here that I am using the word intentions – not goals – because actually, I think goals can make us feel totally stressed out and set us up for failure – more on what I think about goals vs. intentions here. A word can really make all the difference, because how likely are we to keep to something that we feel we won’t be able to achieve?….so bye bye goals!

And so with in mind, here are my tips for keeping your fitness intentions this year:

Be realistic

As a busy mum, I know there is no point me promising that I’m going do three thirty minute workout sessions a week – that just ain’t going to happen. And what is realistic for one person is not realistic for another person. For me, my intention is simply to do some form of exercise most days of the week.

Yes I know this might sound woolly but actually, it makes me far more likely to do it than having ridiculous intentions which I know will never see the light of day. So this might be walking a little more each day, doing some press ups during my daughters bath time (yes really, and she finds it very amusing too!), perhaps a couple of 10 minute HIIT videos off You Tube once the house if child free, or a 10 minute yoga flow when I can fit it in. You have to take it where you can get it.

Take it one day at a time

Lets face it, when you think about fitting in fitness in the span of a week, the prospect can feel pretty daunting. So instead take a day by day approach depending on what has happened that day, your energy levels, and what your body needs or can do.


Yes enjoyment and fitness can go together believe it or not!  This might come in the form of having some awesome workout clothes like those lovely threads by Fabletics that you love to wear for your fitness sessions; or it might mean choosing an exercise you really love to do rather than what you think you should do.

There is so much choice out there and so if dancing is what you love to do, do a dance based-exercise, if you feel like punching the stresses of the week out, choose a boxing-based exercise and so on. Again, You Tube is your best friend on this one.  I am also a big fan of doing Yoga workouts where they have been filmed against beautiful backdrops on beaches and snow-laden mountains which help to transport you to another world, and I love Boho Beautiful on You Tube who really know how to soften the blow of exercising in this way!

Make it interesting

Don’t feel you have to stick to the same type of fitness all the time – mix it up. It can be yoga one day, pilates the next, Zumba the other, and a brisk walk in the park on another day. Remember variety is the spice of life….and fitness too!

So how are you faring with your fitness intentions? And what do you think of these tips to help you keep them? Do share in a comment below.

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  1. Like you said, I definitely think setting realistic fitness goals is the key to maintaining them rather than aiming to workout more than is feasibly possible!

  2. These are great tips! Definitely make it interesting works for me – I’ve done my first 15k run this weekend (well proud of myself, commented on like 5 blogs already saying that haha yeah sorry!) but the point is that I absolutely hate running and can only do it in really nice places – so we went to this gorgeous reserve and we run there and it was the best! x

  3. I’m trying to be fit this year and have a healthy lifestyle but I don’t have a time go to the gym or have some exercise. I am a full time mom and a work from home mom, Thanks for this good motivation

  4. So true, if you’re not realistic you’ve lost it already and when it comes to doing it day to day you must enjoy it otherwise it’s extra stress and a chore so you’ll never keep it up!

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