7 ways to make your period symptoms suck less

Periods are even more painful than trying to get your kids ready for school on a Monday morning, as period symptoms can affect your mood, skin, appetite and energy levels.

More than half of women experience debilitating pains associated with their period: menstrual cramps, headaches, back pain and nausea. This can affect your family and social life, jobs, academia and can make it hard to simply get through the day. Reducing stress and fighting the pain before it comes on is critical. Taking small steps during the day can make this fight a lot easier.

Here are painless ways busy mums can fight their period symptoms:

Stay Hydrated

Studies show that more than half of women experience painful period cramps that affect their daily lives and something as simple as staying hydrated during the day can help with pain and fatigue.

Staying hydrated will also increase focus and awareness and allow you to sleep better at night. Carrying a reusable water bottle with you during the day is a great reminder to drink up!

Eat a Healthy Meal

Giving into your cravings of potato chips and ice cream during that time of month will only lead to lower energy levels the next day and actually cause more pain and inflammation in the body. Consume a healthy diet enriched with calcium and magnesium to keep bloating at bay. Eating a delicious meal filled with healthy fats and zinc will reduce your menstrual cramps while keeping your health in check.

Zinc has also been proven to reduce menstrual bleeding in those who suffer from abnormally heavy periods. Beef, a variety of nuts, and wheat are filled with zinc and leave you full and able to fend off those unhealthy cravings.

Meal prepping the weekend before your period will allow you to easily incorporate foods that help with the pain. Eating foods that contain zinc and other beneficial vitamins and minerals will be better digested than taking supplements, however preparing yourself a meal with healthy foods is not always a priority in the world of “mumming”; vitamin and mineral supplements also do the trick.

Adequate Sleep

There are countless benefits to getting enough sleep and we hear them all the time. It is even more important as you get your period because your body burns more calories, leaving you feeling unusually depleted during the day.

Getting a good night’s rest can also curb mood swings the next day. It is hard to get enough sleep as a busy mum, even more so when you are experiencing pain. Reducing pain and stress before bed time will help you get to sleep quicker and stay asleep during the night.

Drink Red Wine

Now most of us don’t need an excuse to have a glass or two of wine with dinner, but the relief you can feel is real. Red wine contains resveratrol and studies show that this compound relaxes muscles and has anti-inflammatory properties. Resveratrol will reduce inflammation in the abdomen and lower back that is the leading cause of back pain and cramps during menstruation.

Drinking the wine before bed can also help induce sleep. Many women find it hard to get to sleep due to menstrual pains, which makes the morning that much harder. And really, who needs more reasons to drink wine?


While incorporating exercise can be difficult for busy mothers, it is a sure way to decrease period pain. Most of us do not want to do any heavy lifting or kickboxing classes during this time, but even 30 minutes of yoga or taking a walk can increase blood flow and relax pelvic and back muscles.

Acupressure and Massage

Period pain can influence focus, health, and overall daily achievement. Acupressure is a Chinese therapy practice of putting physical pressure on certain points of the body to relieve pain and increase relaxation.

This has been a proven method for women to reduce cramps and headaches associated with their period. Acupuncture has also been known to help with pain but can be a bit intimidating for those who have never tried it. It seems to be a better option because it can be performed on oneself whenever needed.

Massage is also a good option for pain and overall self-care. Scheduling monthly appointments ahead of time from your period date will give you something to look forward to and make sure you are on top of treating the pain before it comes along.

Self Care

Doing something for yourself during that time of month can reduce stress and relieve anxiety felt with having your period. Do you enjoy bubble baths, doing your hair and nails or reading a book? Take time for yourself and relax!

Period symptoms should not cramp your style. Even busy mums can incorporate these tips into their daily lives to reduce period pains and stress during that time of month.

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