4 signs that your AC Unit is dying

AC unit

When we lived in Singapore, our AC units had to work hard to keep us from sweating constantly. With warm and extreme;y humid weather throughout the year, our AC units required proper service and maintenance to keep them (and us!) lasting throughout the years. While it is essential to get regular service and maintenance done on your AC unit to ensure a long lifespan, after ten years, your unit will probably be ready for replacement. If your AC unit is showing any of the following signs, it may be time for you to service or replace the unit.

HVAC Short Cycling

If your AC unit turns off before completing a cycle, then turns back on again, your unit is experiencing short cycling, which has many causes. If your HVAC system is too large for your home, your compressor may be failing, but you could also have a clogged air filter. You may also need to top off the refrigerant. The problem with short cycling is that when the unit kicks on and off frequently, this adds additional strain and wear and tear on your AC unit. It’s essential to have a professional come out and diagnose the problem before it gets worse.

AC Making Strange Sounds 

If your AC is making strange sounds and noises, this is a sign it’s time for service or replacement. Any squealing, grinding, or grating noise could mean something is loose. If you continue to run the AC with these sounds, you run the risk of a far more costly repair, or possibly unit replacement. 

Bad Smell or Odour

If you have a pungent or musty smell coming from your AC vents, it’s critical to call a professional to come out. A musty smell could mean mold or mildew is collecting in the unit and its ductwork, and if it isn’t cleaned out quickly, your family could get very sick. Other bad odours can be a result of a burned-out wire insulation. This is also very important to handle right away, as it could lead to burning out major components in your AC unit.

Poor Airflow Coming From Your Vents

Poor airflow from the vents could be a sign your compressor is failing, or you may have an issue with your ductwork. It’s a good idea to call a professional to diagnose this issue, as both situations can lead to harsh conditions for your AC unit and your family. If the air isn’t flowing smoothly, you won’t get the home down to temperature, and the AC unit will overwork itself in an attempt to bring the temperature down. This can cause much worse damage if left without repair.

So if you are experiencing any of these problems, contact your local HVAC technician. If you catch these problems as soon as you can, you are less likely to have a costly repair or a full AC replacement. Maintaining your AC will ensure you have a comfortable home all year long and will help to extend the life of the AC unit. So if your AC is showing any of these signs, contact a professional today

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