4 reasons your sink isn’t delivering hot water

sink isn't delivering hot water

If your sink isn’t delivering hot water, there are a variety of reasons this can be happening. No one wants to be stuck waiting for water to heat up, or not getting any hot water. If you are having a problem with your sink getting hot water, it could be a result of a few different issues. 

The Faucet Cartridge

Sometimes the cartridge inside the faucet can be the issue. Hard water will start to clog the cartridge as minerals start to build up on the surfaces. The result is restricting hot water flow. The reason this is common with hot water is the heat of the water causes the deposits of minerals to accumulate. 

The Anti-Scald Device

Faucets have a heat limiter within the handle of the hot water fixture. By taking the handle off, you can inspect to see how high this limit is set. The point of this device is to prevent you from burning yourself when turning on the hot water. Checking this should be done by a trained plumber. 

A leak in Your Pipes

If your sink isn’t getting hot water, you could have a leak in your hot water pipeline.  If you are getting decreased water pressure along with no hot water, this is very likely to be the case. Leaking pipes can be a major issue, and it’s important to contact your local trained professional to diagnose this issue as soon as you can. 

The Recirculating Pump

If you are able to get some hot water, it just takes a few minutes to get there, the recirculating pump may be the cause of your issues. This device is responsible for pushing the hot water to the furthest faucet in the home quickly, so you have immediate hot water. These devices run on a timer or continuously, and when they aren’t functioning correctly, its time to call a professional for replacement. 

The Water Heater

The next reason you may not be getting hot water is from an issue with your water heater. The water heater may not be big enough to supply your home with enough water, or the water heater may be faulty. The way to know if your issues come from the water heater is if you aren’t able to get any hot water throughout the house. If this is the case, it’s likely the cause of your water heater. The water heater could have a bad heating element, or not be large enough to produce enough hot water for the whole house. 

So if you are experiencing an issue with and your sink isn’t delivering hot water, these are some of the most common causes. Not having hot water can be incredibly frustrating, and getting it repaired by a professional is the safest way to get the problem fixed quickly and efficiently. You should call a professional as soon as you notice the problem, to help save time and money. Some of these issues can cause even more problems if not handled quickly, such as leaky pipes, so it’s best not to wait. 

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