4 simple cosmetic treatments that can quickly reinvigorate your spirit

If you look every year of your age, you can probably recall quite a few occasions when someone you’ve just met has revealed their own age and you’ve blurted out: “You’re joking!” What is their beauty secret? Have they been drinking from a real-life Fountain of Youth? No, probably not…more likely, it’s cosmetic treatments they have to thank instead!

They might just be clued up on the following secrets of preserving their youth for that little bit longer. The following cosmetic treatments are deceptively simple to utilise, as they can leave long-lasting results imbuing you with improved self-confidence.

Exfoliating regularly

Of course, there are some parts of youth you don’t want – and those include blackheads. Causes of these can be somewhat hard to guess, and even include mobile phone use, as bacteria can consequentially spread across your face, the Daily Mail warns.

However, mercifully, a much easier way of treating those spots than jettisoning your phone is, quite simply, cleansing and exfoliating your skin regularly. Blackheads form from dirt and sebum becoming trapped beneath the skin before building up in sebaceous glands.

Whatever the science behind it all, use an acid-based exfoliating solution to gently clear away dead skin cells, open pores and purify the look of your skin.

Soft tissue fillers

These can make your cheekbones look higher, fill in cheeks, eyes and vertical lines and reduce the appearance of acne or surgical scars. Those are only a few of the benefits highlighted by Harvard Health Publishing, an arm of Harvard Medical School.

The institution reassures readers that these fillers are safe, too. Those using hyaluronic or poly-L-lactic acid are taken in by the body, while fillers which suspend tiny, solid beads in gel allow for collagen growth, as the beads act as a “scaffold” to this end.

Chemical peels

Wrinkles? Age spots? Discolouration? If you have noticed more of those forming as the years have passed, then chemical peels could serve as a useful remedy.

It’s easy to forget to look after yourself when you’re busy raising a child, but you mustn’t allow your body to go to rack and ruin. This is important for your health, not just your appearance – as chemical peels can even be used to treat precancerous skin growths.

These peels comprise acid, like the glycolic or salicylic variety, which – once applied to the skin – dissolves skin cells and discards the highest layers of the epidermis.

Teeth whitening

Another aspect of your appearance you don’t need to overlook, even as the demands of raising a child weigh down on you, concerns your teeth. While it’s natural for teeth to become increasingly discoloured, lifestyle habits like heavy consumption of coffee or tea can exacerbate the effect.

Fortunately, to optimally restore your teeth’s whiteness, you can simply arrange a session of professional teeth whitening. This treatment is available from dentists in Balham and other London areas, and can take just an hour to an hour and a half – or even less time, depending on how discoloured your teeth currently are.

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