5 common household emergencies and how to deal with them

household emergencies

As a home owner, it’s one of the things that you come to dread most – household emergencies. Having had our own personal battle with not one but two household leaks, mold, rot and as a result a whole new bathroom having to be put in recently, this is a very f real and raw thing for us. Calling a tradesman in an emergency call be an expensive business which you might need to call on cashlady.com for, and on top of that there’s no guarantee that all will be well after that initial call out depending on what they might find. So what are the most common household emergencies? Let’s take a look at some of the woes which could leave you sobbing over your bank balance here and what you can try to do to mitigate them.

A leak

This one we have become experts on in recent months. Firstly try to find out where the leak is coming from and grab a bucket to collect the water to try and minimise any water damage and surround with towels to soak up any bits that miss. If the leak is coming through or close by to the electrics switch off power until the leak has been sorted. Cover up anything that is located closed to where the leak is coming through with plastic sheets if you have them (or bin liners will do too) and/or move them out of the way of the leak. This will help things to feel less desperate while you call round various plumbers like LV Plumbing to try and get the best quote possible.

A blocked toilet

Again, one we have become far too familiar with in this house. All it takes is one huge poo and a few pieces of toilet paper and our toilet isĀ  guarenteed to get blocked. Thankfully this is one you can deal with yourself and avoid paying out for. All you need is a trusty plunger….you would be amazed at how effective those things are! It’s a pretty disgusting job but someone has to do it.

A broken dishwasher

Now this is a total first world problem isn’t it? Again, one we have grappled with many a time over recent months. If your dishwasher appears not to be working, then more often than not it will be because it has got clogged with debris and therefore will either not start, will be swimming with water, or just not clean even if your life depended on it. We recently found out that lemon pips had gotten caught in our filtration system and spray arms – lemon pips! and that had sent the whole thing out of kilter.

Before you splash out on calling you a technician you need to give your dishwasher a thorough clean – here is a handy guide on how to clean your dishwasher. In the meantime, I strongly urge you all to not use your dishwashers as a waste disposal unit and scrape and rinse all plates before putting them inside and checking the machine is clear of any debris that shouldn’t be there before putting it on!

A broken boiler

It’s the thing we dread the most over the Winter months – no heating or hot water. However before you call an expensive technician in try these five boiler fixes. Also it’s worth having a couple of portable electric heaters stored away in the house for times like these which have really been a life saver for us, keeping us warm while we tried to solve our boiler issues.

A broken washing machine

With our never ending piles of dirty laundry this has to be a mum’s worst nightmare! Again, before calling someone in it’s worth trying to troubleshoot this yourself and here’s a handy troubleshooting guide to washing machine faults. I would strongly advise that you empty all your pockets before putting them in the washing machine – you wouldn’t believe the damage one innocent coin can do!!!

What household emergencies have you been battling with recently? Or perhaps you have some others to add to this list? Do share in a comment below.

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