5 easy and healthy juices for mums on the go

juices for mums

As mums it can be a struggle to pay attention to your health and wellness whilst getting through the busy juggle of mumlife. Fortunately, there are some easy and healthier options that can make a mum feel like she is winning in like while taking care of herself – one of which is juicing.

Smoothies and juices have become very popular nowadays because they are pretty quick easy to make. By simply gathering all the ingredients and mixing it all together using blenders and juicers, it’s easy to make your own juices.

Aside from the fact that making these juices is very easy and convenient, they also have a lot of health benefit, and that’s why they are perfect for busy mums.

Here are the top 5 easy and healthy juices for mums on the go, and for those considering getting into juicing:

Sweet Carrot Juice

One of the most well-known juices of today is the carrot juice. A lot of fitness enthusiasts recommend having a sweet carrot juice every day because of the benefits found within thanks to the fact that carrots are nutrient-rich food.

In making a sweet carrot juice, you only need carrots. But you are not limited to having one ingredient alone when making this juice. You  can experiment with your own personal choice of ingredients to make your juice a little healthier and tastier.

healthy juices for mums

Healthy Green Lettuce & Cucumber Juice

Juices and smoothies are not only limited to fruit-based ingredients. Never forget that green superfoods are also a great addition and the combination of green lettuce and cucumber is one of the best examples of this.

Green lettuce is very beneficial to the human body. It contains a lot of nutrients and antioxidants that are highly effective in fighting diseases and bacteria. The same is true for cucumbers which is why they are normally used as an ingredient in most detox waters. It can help you lose weight and flush out toxins in your body so this is a great go-to juice if you’re considering a detox.

healthy juices for mums


If you are looking for a juice that is quite tasty and almost addictive, blueberry juice is the answer. Blueberries are very popular as well in the juicing world – these berries are packed with large amounts of vital antioxidants and vitamins which are usually the ones responsible for preventing life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

In making this juice, blueberries are the only important ingredient. But if you want a more personalized taste and appearance, you may want to add other fruits and ingredients as well

healthy juices for mums

Raspberry, Apple, Orange Juice

Raspberries are an uncommon ingredient in juices. Nevertheless, a lot of experts have found that raspberries are a health powerhouse which as full of vitamins and minerals that can effectively boost your immune system. They are also great at giving a juice a little taste twist.

Adding apples and oranges to this juice –  fruits that are packed and filled with fibre and vitamin C respectively – makes this overall a great juice for staying in shape and strengthening  your immune system.

healthy juices for mums

Minty Fresh Juice

A great one for thirsty mums, a minty fresh juice refreshes and quenches your thirst in one fell swoop by combining spinach, cucumber, pear, kiwi, and mint leaves – the amount of each ingredient used to taste.

Aside from being a taste quencher, this juice is seen to be very effective in helping to rejuvenate and rehydrate.

healthy juices for mums

While the list of juices and smoothies you can make are endless, these are a good start for busy mums but with time and confidence you can actually make your own recipes by simply experimenting with a few alternative ingredients.

What did you think of these healthy juices for mums? Which one was your favourite and which do you think you’ll try making? Do share in a comment below.

5 easy and healthy juices for mums on the go

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