Top tips for taking children to weddings

taking children to weddings

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One of the more adventurous moments in parenthood is taking your young children to an event where an outburst or tantrum could make you event enemy number one. The event that provokes the most pre-event planning for parents, though, is a wedding invite. Maybe it’s from a relative or close friend…or even a co-worker. But the invite is clear in its intentions when it includes “and family!”

So you know it’s perfectly fine to bring your kids to a wedding, and, hey, maybe your kiddos are even a part of the big day. But every mum knows that you cannot bring your kids to a wedding without pre-event planning. A wedding is the ultimate event for any couple, and no parent wants their kid to suddenly scream during the vows, run down the aisle…or worse.

Even the most angelic well-behaved kids can have their moments, because no child is perfect…and neither are parents. When the wedding RSVP has been sent indicating that your kids will be on the guest list, it’s time to start prepping for anything that could happen.

If you are suffering from wedding jitters thinking about escorting your kids to the momentous event, calm down. Here are five ways to help ensure that your kiddo stays content and entertained from the processional to the cake cutting:

Pack their bags

No, we don’t mean ship them off to a sitter! You need to pack a busy bag. This can be a small backpack or even just a baby bag. You need to include some items that will keep them busy and happy…especially children younger than school age. Make sure items aren’t messy or noisy. Crayons, coloring books, and small toys are ideal. Packs some healthy snacks, too…like a small bottle of water, crackers and some fruit. You also may want to pack a change of clothes or pajamas (if it’s going to be a late night).

Sit near the aisle

Every mum knows that there will be bathroom breaks. Sit near the aisle and in the back, so you can make a quick exit for the bathroom…and make sure you know where restrooms are located.

Have an exit plan

Scope out an area before the wedding where you could retire if your child needs a break during the ceremony. That way, if a tantrum ensues or if your child gets too restless, you can quietly retreat.

Sit together…even if your child is in the wedding

If your young son or daughter is in the wedding party, insist that they sit with you after the processional. If the wedding is your own, then have your children sit with grandparents or a trusted friend or relative.  If your child feels more comfortable standing up with you, feel free to include them in the moment.

Ask if there’s kid’s menu

If your child is a picky eater, inquire about the reception menu. If there isn’t anything on the menu that you think you’re child will eat, you can ask about child-friendly options or pack a back-up (like a sandwich).

While taking kids to a wedding might be stressful, preparing in advance will go a long way to ensure that kids—and you—are ready for anything. Kids are often the highlight of the reception, as they are never afraid to head out on the dance floor…so while sitting through the ceremony might be a scary thought, the reception is usually a time for everyone to have fun!

top tips for taking children to

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  1. It’s my wedding in a few short months and we will definitely have a few kids at ours! We’re planning on having kids tables where they can be kept entertained so they don’t get bored. Great tips! Thanks for sharing x

  2. The Last wedding I went to was my own and my oldest was 3. He walked his grandmother down the aisle and his 4 nephew walked the other grandmother down the aisle. They were surprisingly well behaved but it was an outdoor wedding and very laid back so that probably made a huge difference so these sound like great tips:)

  3. Haha I so wish I saw this a few months ago. I took my daughter to my best friends wedding and didn’t think to grab an aisle seat near the back. She was well behaved but she kept speaking out very loud in the quiet romantic bits. Great tips!

  4. Nice article! I love children at weddings because they are unpredictable and often offer memorable moments. . . However, I sometimes have couples who prefer a “No Kids” wedding.

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