5 factors to consider when choosing the right scooter for your child

choosing the right scooter

Scooters are a great mode of transportation, and kids love to ride them. My own daughter has had one since she has been two and trust me it has been an absolute life saver especially as kids these days seem to absolutely hate walking. Seven years later and a few scooter models in, we have learnt quite a lot first hand about what to consider when choosing the right scooter believe me. So today in this article I’m going to share some of our lessons learned.

First things first, choosing the perfect scooter for your child can be challenging, especially with so many different models out there. There are a few things you need to keep in mind beyond simply the cost. For example, finding the correct scooter for your child’s size, weight and ability as well as some of the practical functionalities the scooter has to offer.

With that said, to help you choose the best one for your child, consider these five factors when choosing the right scooter for your child.

Size and weight

Scooters come in all different sizes, so make sure you get a scooter that is sized appropriately for your child. For most children, it’s best to avoid getting a large adult-sized scooter as they are heavy and difficult to handle. The weight of a smaller scooter will be easier on their little hands, and will help them feel more confident as they learn how to ride.

choosing the right scooter

Wheel size

The most important factor in finding a good scooter is wheel size. If you want to make sure your child will not outgrow their scooter before they are done with it, make sure it has wheels that are at least 8 inches in diameter. Wheels of this size will allow children up to age 10 or 11 years old to use their scooters without getting too tired or sore.

Braking system

The braking system on a scooter is one of the most important features because it ensures that your child can stop quickly if needed. The best braking systems have reliable brakes, which can be applied by either pushing a foot lever or squeezing a hand-operated lever. Look for brakes that are easy to use and located near the handlebars where they are easily accessible.


Adjustability is essential, as it will allow your child to grow with their scooter. Since kids grow so quickly, finding a model that can adjust in height will save you a lot of money down the road. Not only that, but it’s also important that they feel comfortable and safe while riding.

choosing the right scooter


Of course, everyone will have a budget in mind when choosing a scooter for their child. It’s important to do your research, know the market value, but also be aware of the different levels of quality, durability and longevity you will get in different price brackets.

Other factors to consider

  • What kind of terrain will they be riding on?
  • How often and how far will they be riding?
  • What are the usual environmental conditions?
  • Do they have any physical or mental limitations that need to be taken into account?
  • The average life expectancy of a plastic scooter is about two years. But, metal ones can last from six months to eight years. The higher cost up front may be worth it in the long run.
  • Scooters are not great for kids with poor balance or who weigh less than forty pounds because they don’t provide much support.
  • Scooters also aren’t designed for hills
  • Especially when starting out, kids should wear protective gear such helmets when using their scooter outside.

We hope you found our guide to choosing the right scooter for your child useful.


  1. I honestly never knew there was so many things to consider apart from the size and what it looks like. Although it’s definitely worth taking them all into account to make sure they enjoy it and it lasts.

  2. Good advice and very interesting.
    Adjustability is very important, especially if scooters will be shared or handed down to younger siblings etc.

  3. My Grandson would love this he loved his little scooter great to see safety gear included so many children I see out and about with no helmet on mad!

  4. Definitely think the brakes are one of the most important features. Your child needs to be able to use the brakes adequately so a scooter with carefully considered brakes is a must!

  5. I always find it really difficult to choose the right scooters for my little ones, fab advice on this page

  6. Useful advice and very interesting.
    Adjustability is useful, especially if the scooter will be shared or handed down to younger siblings.

  7. I feel like choosing the right scooter for your child depends mostly on their abilities. For example choosing for ateen would require different things to choosing for a toddler who is still developing their balance. The other thing I feel is important is the fact of reviews. There are some that are death traps and real life reviews are invaluable in weeding out the bad ones from the good ones and this provide insight into what people think of a product in particular and sometimes give insight into that families needs in respect of a scooter. For example a child with dyspraxia would require a very stable scooter where a child who visits a skatepark regularly would be suited to one which they control the stability of. It’s all down to the individuals needs

  8. I never knew there was so much to consider when buying a scooter. I guess we were lucky to be given one so we just stuck with what we have. But I know one day we will have to buy a bigger one and one for my daughter too. Will definitely refer back to this post. Many thanks

  9. Fabulous advice. We made an expensive mistake buying too big thinking it would last longer but it put dad off scooting for a long time.

  10. These are great tips. I never even considered wheel size when looking at scooters. I don’t know why, it makes perfect sense.

  11. I think your tips on buying a scooter are invaluable, there are so many things to take into consideration many I never thought of until reading your tips

  12. I find it difficult how to choose the right scooter, don’t know much about them. Usually look at the size and reviews

  13. There are so many great choices. I think a great thing to think of is where they will be riding such as at a park or forest and look for one suitable and also if it fold is always a bonus for tired legs if it needs to be carried.

  14. The braking system is my biggest concern. But getting the right size is always the hardest thing when ordering online!

  15. Great advice, I love researching scooters for my kids. We’ve had several that have been passed down 3 children so the quality is really important to me!

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